Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heidi Klum In Mondo Guerra

Here's a little moment of sweet justice. In the Project Runway finale, Michael Kors challenged Heidi Klum to wear Mondo's polka dot dress, and here she is, making it work beautifully. I was deeply upset when Gretchen won- and not liking her personality (at least the way it was reflected in the show) had nothing to do with it- I hated the way some of her peers crucified her in the reunion. I just thought Mondo was a much better designer. Heidi, at least, agrees.

Photo: Dlisted


  1. Love, love Heidi in Mondo's design...And I am so with you on the winning results. Mondo was robbed. Gretchen's designs are a major snooze fest. PR needs to bring back a five panel set of judges. It was obvious how Madame Kors and Nina G. went agog over the gown being in the final collection despite their recommendations. A tie breaking opinion would have been a benefit in this 2-2 split decision. In my mind, the other two designers caved and lost their essential selves to get to the big prize. Mondo stayed true to himself. Kudos to him! And Heidi rocks in Mondo design!!

  2. I don't think the uninspiring Gretchen will ever emerge as an important designer. Unimaginative, safe, predictable designs = boring! There has been so much negative buzz on the Internet about this season's undeserving winner that the program will have to do some major PR work to bring viewers back for another season.

    I don't share Mondo's esthetic, but his designs were confident, fresh, and exciting--something Gretchen's subpar offerings will never be. I think we all know who the real winner is. Mondo will make a name for himself. Gretchen will find herself fading into anonymity.

  3. I think Heidi ROCKS this dress! And what was Michael K going on about - this dress is KILLAH! (though I couldn't wear it - but it's not the dress's fault that I am now fat :-).
    Mondo doesn't need the Project Runway win - he will be a major force without it, I think. He's got confidence, style, talent and while I agreen with Eileen on not sharing his esthetic I also agree with her assessment of his designs and he will be on the scene for some time to come!


  4. She does look great in that dress, I thought it was really fun when Mondo first sent it down the runway. I did find Gretchen's stuff to be very dull, I would never wear those outfits (granny panties anyone?). Her necklaces, I would, I liked their take on Native American breast plates. Sometimes I wonder if the judges live in their own fantasy world. I swear I've seen Gretchen's stuff before. I do have to say though that I think Miu Miu just came out with a collection in Milan that reminds me of Mondo so I'm doubting him too a bit although I did enjoy his work on PR.

  5. I believe Mondo is a good designer in general and not only in Project Runway.He and fourth season's winner Christian Siriano are truly very talented and they can feel the fashion in a way only a true designer does.They are what the new generation needs.


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