Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekly Roundup For Black Friday 2010

It's Black Friday here in the US. Some of you probably braved the malls while others preferred to hide at home and enjoy the online sales (there are some truly fabulous ones going on this weekend through Cuber Monday). Living in the malliest part on NJ, there's no way I'd leave the house on Black Friday, though I admit of one failed attempt a few years ago. For some reason I got it into my head that the DVF factory store in Woodbury Common might already have gotten some items from that year's Resort Collection (highly unlikely, by the way). That was enough for me to convince my long-suffering husband that we must get there for the 2 AM opening sale. Trouble started many miles before we reached the destination. Traffic was barely crawling until it came to a complete halt. We spent about an hour like that before reaching a point in the middle of nowhere were signs directed us to an area where we were supposed to leave the car and take a shuttle bus- apparently all the malls parking lots were completely full. The line for the bus stretched in front of us. It was raining and the temperatures outside were at freezing level (it was a particularly cold winter). There's only so much I'm willing to suffer for a discounted DVF dress. We turned around and headed home. It's been online shopping for me ever since.

Hopefully, the following posts from my favorite bloggers might help you in your shopping quest:

Kari from Fab Over Forty is giving away to one lucky reader an Estee Lauder makeup set in a holiday red Coach makeup bag. This is one of the nicest holiday items this year- highly recommended.

Charlestongirl of Best Things in Beauty is on a mission: to own every Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eye Shadow. I'm with her on this one. Her recent post explores some beautiful neutral colors.

Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews has been taking us along with her on her hair changing ride with amazing results. See what Peter Lamas product helped her with her new found hair style and frizz.

Have you ever gone shopping for shoes and walk away with a beauty product you just can't resist? That's what happened to Debbi at Diva Debbi this week. See what Bobbi Brown ended up in her "getaway" bag.

Royal fans among us might be interested in this  BeautyXposé post about getting our own replica of the gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. Not in the market for an engagement ring, I'm more interested in some of Kate's Issa dresses. Neiman Marcus has a few.

I don't know about makeup resort collections- do we really need them? However, Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book shows us the latest release of Chanel nail polish, a happy blue color called Riva. No matter what I think of the idea behind the collection or the fact I don't even wear these shades, it's incredibly pretty.

Jane from Daly Beauty reviewed one of her favorite perfumes- Creed Tubereuse Indiana. I think  I'm going to give it some attention.

Victoria of Bois de Jasmin wrote a fascinating piece about fall scents and tastes. also, you still have time until Sunday to enter her Jo Malone Pear & Freesia contest.

London Makeup Girl reviews items from some of my favorite lines: Roxana Illuminated Perfumes- Q, Vera and Sierra, as well as a Julie Hewett lipstick.

Here on The Non-Blonde I'm still playing with Outlaw Perfumes- Rose of Cimarron and Notoriety (the giveaway will remain open until Sunday, so don't miss your chance to win a bottle). I've been enchanted by a Guerlain limited edition lipstick, Rouge G in Bee, unimpressed by a bunch of other items on a recent shopping trip and thoroughly enjoyed Tim Gunn's Golden Rules book.

Wishing you a warm and peaceful weekend and successful shopping if you're heading out!

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