Friday, November 19, 2010

Discontinued Perfumes - A (Very) Partial Guide

It's this time again- the questions about what exactly is no longer available have been piling up, so I thought putting everything into one updated list might be a good idea. In no particular order other than the notes I've been keeping:

Serge Lutens
There were many rumors, denials and corrections. I've seen with my own eyes things constantly change on the Lutens website. As of November 2010 out of the four perfumes that were first rumored to be discontinued and then to only be withdrawn from the export line to become Salon exclusives (meaning not available in the USA), three are back in the rectangular spray bottles- Douce Amere, Santal Blanc and Chypre Rouge. They can even be ordered directly from to the USA. The one perfume that has been withdrawn from the export range is Miel de Bois. Is this final? Who knows. Uncle Serge can't give a straight answer even when you ask him what time it is. Right now, Miel du Bois is available in Europe as an exclusive bell jar and you can order it online, but browsing the site I've found a second list of the non-exports that does not include MdB, which might mean doom (and I'm saving screen shots, so when things shift again I'd know I'm not crazy).

Tom Ford Private BlendFour perfumes have been discontinued: Bois Rouge, Purple Patchouli, Moss Breches, Velvet Gardenia.

Yves Saint Laurent
While just about everything seems to be unrecognizably reformulated, the only ones that have been discontinued are Y and Nu.

Miller Harris
The parfum concentration of Fleur Oriental is no more. everything else is intact and available.

Dzing!, Ananas Fizz and Vanilia were discontinued.
Update: As of January 2010 Dzing! is back on L'Artisan website (including the American part). Rejoice!

Shadow. Blame IFRA.

The entire La Collection was discontinued. They should have also killed Magie Noire instead of letting it (and us) suffer the current formula.

Paco Rabanne
La Nuit and Calandre are goners. I doubt what's left there smells anything like it used to.

There are many more, of course, these are just the ones I've been asked about most recently/more often. Generally speaking, when you're trying to find the fate of a favorite perfume your best source is the company itself- either through their website or contact them directly. Don't rely on SAs at your local mall who usually only know what their own store carries and to them everything else is "discontinued". Also, please remember that rumors on various message boards are not gospel.

If you have questions or additions, please comment.


  1. Oh dear, so depressing about all the reformulated YSL perfumes. Even Opium is ruined!

    I am going to have to stock up on Y as I have really fallen in love with it. The Parfum, of which I have a tiny older bottle, is Da Bomb.

    Agreed about Magie Noire too, it was the best thing they had and they ruined it.

  2. Dzing was not discontinued, you can buy it online (in Europe at least), 90€.

  3. It's a real shame about some of these. I might be wrong but I think Gucci Pour Homme (not the recent dross) has been pulled from shelves too, at least here in the UK.

  4. Your post demonstrates that, in order to be a perfume lover, one must also be flexible and aware. However, if Black Aoud is ever discontinued, I may snap once and for all.

  5. All this reformulated junk can stay in the shelves when it comes to my wish to purchase something.
    I started hoarding old,vintage and beloved scents and keep them dark & cool. I am 52 - so for the next 35 or so years, I am well equipped -grin. IFRA - alone that word gives me fits !

  6. Dzing! hasn't been discontinued--you can buy it at Luckyscent, among many other places. However, it is now only available in the 100mL size.

  7. Re: Dzing!
    Unfortunately, while some places still have it in stock, L'Artisan removed it from their (American) website. It was the same with Ananas Fizz for a while. It took some time between the brand discontinuing production to retailers selling what's left in stock.

    Not my beloved Dzing! Gaia! :( Oh my goodness, it mustn't be borne!

    I will get another massive bottle then because I adore this quirky lil' diamond in the rough, it is comfort and love for me.
    I feel like a sulky child with tears burning her eyes..
    Waaah! :( And I treasure my pre-mutation Y decant. And my gorgeous decant Attrape Couer...loving perfume is hard man, hard to let go my babies go... *sniff*

  9. PSA..I just recevied an email from L'artisan that Dzing in NOT discontinued..but only available in the 100ml size.

  10. Dzing! is still avaliable to order from L'Artisan's European website. It may be discontinued in the States, but it seems to be still in production by the company.


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