Monday, November 08, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Passion (#120) Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss

Dolce & Gabbana lip gloss in Passion (#120) has become a dear favorite over the last few months. There's something about this red plum color that is perfect for me- from the actual shade that I find very balanced through the pigment intensity and the amount of shimmer. It's cheerful and pretty without looking juvenile, over-the-top or off in any way. I find that it perks up the face on a gloomy day and works with many makeup looks, especially my favorite soft taupe eye.

Another advantage of Dolce & Gabbana lip glosses is their pleasant texture. They feel luxurious, aren't very sticky (at least the shades I have) and they stick around and look fresh for a couple of hours. The color is rich enough one can easily skip the lipstick and only wear the gloss without looking too casual. That alone is worth the price if you ask me.

Bottom Line: I'm more than half-way through my tube.

Dolce &Gabbana Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss ($29) is exclusive to Saks 5th Avenue. Available at select locations and online.

All photos are mine.

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  1. Okay you are very good at that, too. This was used on me when I went to buy Magnifico red lipstick. The MA wanted to take it a step further so he added this gloss - you couldn't help but look at my lips. I guess that's the power of a good glossy red lip. I have the Amethyst gloss and I'm surprised just how much pigment that thing has on it's own. And speaking from someone that has super sensitive lips, this formula is wonderful. It doesn't make my lips peel the next day and doesn't feel like my lips are on fire the moment I put it on (HOURGLASS). I have been thinking about this gloss...good thing pay day is coming!


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