Monday, November 29, 2010

Givenchy Rouge Interdit 39 Absolutely Irresistible Red Satin Lipstick Limited Edition

Because there can never be enough perfect red lipsticks.

Givenchy makeup deserves to have brand ambassadors that are better than the average bored Sephora SA. The luxurious formulas and rich colors are lost in the general chaos and tackiness of the stores. Rouge Interdit lipsticks are especially fabulous- an almost glossy-creamy texture with a beautiful satin finish and impressive tenacity (very little if any transfers to your glass and some of the pigment is still visible after dinner). The lipstick glides on effortlessly and applies like a dream with or without a brush (do use a brush if you're getting a dark shade). It glosses over any imperfection and feels comfortable and a little moisturizing.

Absolutely Irresistible Red (#39) is as classic as they come, all Hollywood in its golden age. It has a pink(ish) base that doesn't come across in the tube but can be noticed in the swatches- both on paper and on my arm. I find it incredibly flattering and sexy. And quite irresistible.

Bottom Line: bold and beautiful.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit 39 Absolutely Irresistible Red ($28) is a limited edition and exclusive to Sephora, in store and online.

All photos are mine (and let's keep it that way).


  1. Hi Gaia,

    I used to have two lipsticks of this line, but i stopped using them because i really couldn't stand the taste of the lipstick. Is it ok for you?

  2. Goya, I have far more issues with Givenchy glosses- they stink as bad as some of their recent perfume releases. This lipstick doesn't bother me. I find that whatever scent it has disappears quickly.

  3. Great lipstick, poor perfumey smell! I returned the ones I bought.


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