Thursday, March 22, 2012

Claudio Riaz Pop Culture Eye Shade 2

Makeup artist* Claudio Riaz started his product line a couple of years ago by launching a range of makeup brushes that reflect his approach to makeup application that emphasizes contouring. I played with some of the brushes, but have yet to purchase any (I own several top-of-the-line eyebrow brushes, but I assure you that paying $95 for one is not something I'm willing to do). However, his color cosmetics are more intriguing and I'm slowly getting to know them.

Claudio Riaz Pop Culture Eye Shade is a cake eyeliner/kohl for use on the inner rim and for tightlining. It comes in two colors: black (1) and this cobalt blue (2). Application of Pop Culture Eye Shade calls for first dipping the brush into the pan, then moistening it before using it on the rim. I've found that the best way to mix  it together is on the back of my hand. This creates a smooth paste that's easy to to apply. The result is not only pretty, but also incredibly long lasting.

I've also used a touch of this blue Pop Culture Eye Shade blended into my eye shadow (dry). It gives an extra depth and intensity that survives a full day out and about.

Bottom Line: more shades, please.

Claudio Riaz Pop Culture Eye Shade ($28) is exclusive to Barneys, online and in store.

*I'm so over the term "celebrity makeup artist"

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