Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shu Uemura IR Medium Blue 675 Eye Shadow

I bought this Shu Uemura IR Medium Blue 675 pressed eye shadow based on the description on Shu's website, calling it an "iridescent denim blue". This is definitely how 675 looks in the pan. As you can see in the swatch, though, this Shu Uemura eye shadow turned out to be much lighter and more of an aqua color. It is iridescent and shimmery, to the point I won't used it with other shimmers or eye shadow with a metallic finish.

It's pretty though, and I like blending a little of this color close to lash line when wearing creamy or satiny nude colors. It gives some extra life and interest. This Shu Uemura blue also works nicely NARS Palladium pencil for a "sea and sun"  look. The texture is nice, though probably not the every best Shu has produced (there's some fallout), and a good brush and primer go a long way in making it work.

Bottom Line: I still wish it were more of a denim blue.

Shu Uemura IR Medium Blue 675 Eye Shadow is available at the counters, if you're lucky enough to have one in your country, or from


  1. I have the Me Medium Blue 686 which is darker, much closer to a denim colour than this. I'll upload a swatch of it the next time the British sun decides to grace us with his presence and I can take a decent picture. I know it's metallic finish, but it's not much more shimmery than the one you have. I didn't notice a huge difference in store anyway. Maybe you should try that one next time. It must be so annoying not to be able to see what they look like in store any more!

  2. It's a gorgeous color, to be sure, in a sweater or scarf. Brown-eyed girls could get away with this, but not me, no way. I do love looking at it, though.

    I really wish I could get more basic colors from Shu again. I can't do these neon brights, and I miss the lovely M Beige 804 and 835 or the matte blue-grey M 943. ♥


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