Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ellis Faas E305 Eye Lights

Ellis Faas E305 Eye Lights is probably the most unique makeup item I own. Like other Ellis Faas Eye Lights  (previously reviewed E301 and E302), it's a cream eye shadow with a sensational metallic finish. But unlike the other items in the Lights range, E305 is a duo-chrome or a holographic color that changes significantly with the light.

Ellis Faas E305 Eye Lights is a reddish brown/silvery green. The color is very dramatic and unless you're a makeup artist it's 100% NSFW. This is a product for an evening look if there ever was one.You can watch this  tutorial by Smantha Chapman of Pixiwoo to get an idea about how to use it. Now, unlike Sam, I don't apply the cream directly from the applicator- I collect it with a brush. I also use much less and only on half the lid (I have some serious lid real estate). I do use a 217 to distribute the eye shadow and blend it, the way I do with many cream eye shadows, and occasionally also use a little on the lower lash line.

Now, is a good time to address one of the hot issues of recent weeks. If you were following some online discussions you may know that certain companies that were previously cruelty-free were exposed/admitted to change of policy. Ellis Faas (who is a vegetarian and has been so since childhood) has issued a press release to stress that their slogan "Only Tested On Supermodels" is as true as ever:
"There are three things we demand from the suppliers who develop products for our brand.
* the finished products, textures and shades cannot be tested on animals
* the ingredients themselves cannot be tested on animals
* the factories we use have to adhere to the European Union's so-called Fixed Cut Off Date scheme. This means that our products do not contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals since the EU banned those tests. This last thing is important, because it's mainly new ingredients that some manufacturers are still testing on animals.

Our suppliers have just re-confirmed that they are meeting our demands, and always will be. In fact, they stopped using animal-tested ingredients long before that became a law."
So now you know.

Bottom Line: A stunning must-have for adventurous makeup enthusiasts, but handle with care.

Ellis Faas E305 Eye Lights ($42) is available from Sephora (online only and in the NYC Meat Packing District location), SpaceNK and The product was sent to me free of charge for review.


  1. Beautiful colour!!

    Finding cruelty-free make up is proving to be more of a challenge every day which is completely counter intuitive given the publicity the issue has received this past decade.

  2. well, I really wanted to love that one especially for the price but it's impossible to work with. I tried with 217, with 239, with hakuhodo weasel brush, with fingers, with the faas applicator, everithing and every time it was a mess, if I blend, duochrome goes away and I have fall out everywere on my face, if I don't blend, it looks patchy. I tried it as an eyeliner, five minutes later it was a hot mess. For me it's an expensive crap, the worst shadow I had in my life :(

  3. Previously I could get Ellis Faas online but now a store opened in my city that stocks the brand. I fear for my finances... I've loved every product I tried so far!

  4. Thanks for this review, Gaia! I have one Ellis Faas eyeshadow and still haven't gotten the hang of application. However, I have noted that once I do (finally) get it on correctly, it lasts for-ev-er and doesn't crease at all. I'm going to continue practicing with it, and if I master application, I'll definitely consider this one!


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