Monday, March 12, 2012

Ellis Faas Eyes Lights E301

Lights E301 from Ellis Faas is probably the most versatile product from this eye shadow range. It's a tick silver liquid with a metallic finish, and while it's definitely can be used on its own if you're so inclined, the magic of E301 is when mixed with other Ellis Faas products.

Blending a tiny drop of Ellis Lights into a Milky Eyes eye shadow makes them sparkle. I've also been experimenting with adding E301 into Creamy and Milky Lips and even mixing some with a foundation and dabbing it as a cheek highlighter.

I used way too much product for the swatches you see, as they were all made with the first squirt from brand new just opened pens. You need perhaps 1/5th of this amount when actually doing your makeup. As with other Ellis Faas eye products, it takes a little practice, but those of us who like to play and mix colors tend to find them best in show. The texture of Lights is wonderful, quite unique in the way it applies and acts on skin, and never ever creases (as long as you don't use too much).

The applicator with its plastic bristles is as annoying as always. I keep it clean with makeup remover wipes so there's no dried gunk. Once you learn to control it, the waste factor is greatly reduced and I'm very appreciative of the fact that the product in the pen stays fresh.

Bottom Line: fun.

Ellis Faas Eyes Lights E301 ($42) is available from Sephora (online only and in the NYC Meat Packing District location), SpaceNK and The product was sent to me free of charge for review.

Olivia provided moral support, pretty background and the occasional purr.

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