Monday, March 26, 2012

Spotlight On A B/Vlogger- GossMakeupArtist

The world of makeup has changed a lot over the last 25 years, and not just because the pigments, finishes, and textures have improved considerably. The biggest difference is the amount and quality of resources and educational material that's available to everyone. Makeup tutorials on YouTube are free and accessible, and there are some excellent professional makeup artists out there, all offering us the free lessons that would have spared me endless angst and frustration in my youth (not to mention all those "you're not leaving the house like that" moments).

One of my top favorite YouTube vloggers is Wayne Goss, the UK-based makeup artist behind the channels Gossmakeupartist and Gossmakeupartistchat. Having a professional makeup artist show you his tried-and-true techniques and teach you how to get things right step-by-step is a wonderful gift. Goss is a master of contouring, concealing and getting the best out of one's skin and face shape. I've spent quite a bit of time in front of my makeup mirrors practicing his methods, and I can tell you that his concealer video below is priceless:

Wayne has an easygoing friendly approach. His reviews are as frank and honest as can be, something I deeply appreciate. His point of view and mine are different: I write as a consumer of luxury products who's searching for the best money can buy. Goss is a makeup artist who needs the best value and large quantities, and often requires heavy duty products. Thus, we don't always agree about specific items, but he brings up excellent food for thought and his reasons for liking or disliking an item are quite important.

Goss often demonstrates his methods either on himself (he rocks guyliner like no one else) or on his friend Mandy. Their interaction is quite amusing and I end up very jealous of Mandy. Since I don't have a friendly makeup artist next door, watching Wayne Goss on YouTube is as close I'll get for now.


  1. This was a revelation for me! Thank you thank you thank you for posting this video clip. I have been struggling with concealer application and now have a much better idea of what to do. You can be sure I will be looking for more Wayne Goss instructions on YouTube--he is wonderful. Can't wait to try out his methods!

  2. Yup, loved this one. It never occurred to me to extend my concealer past my outer eye, but since I wear a concealer/highlighter hybrid, it makes perfect sense and it looks great!

    Oh, and I adored the blooper. So glad he left it in.

  3. Love his videos-I've learned so much from watching. I recently watched his video on his makeup collection, and hearly fell out on the floor. Talk about jaw-dropping!

  4. I love Wayne. I spotted Wayne and Mandy walking along at IMATS in London and had a total fan girl moment. I managed to avoid speaking and making myself look silly but I was just dying to say hello!

  5. I've learned so much from him. He really is great and doesn't beat about the bush!

  6. I just love him and it's especially fun when he has Mandy with him. He does the most amazing things with makeup can actually learn to do them too! Even better!

  7. I'm another hardcore Wayne fan. And Mandy is a total delight. Their interaction is always a hoot. One of the great things about Wayne is his easy going "you can use this tip or not; it's up to you" attitude. While teaching wonderful technique and nifty application tips, he readily acknowledges that beauty is highly subjective and that one size does not fit all. It's so obvious that he loves teaching his craft. I wish him continued success.

  8. I am so glad you highlighted Wayne Goss! I've been watching his tutorials for a while and I've learned so much. How can I be almost 50 and been doing so many things wrong?! Anyhow, great article and a good reminder for me to watch some more of his videos.

  9. Wow! LOVE! Thank you for sharing.


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