Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Madini Oils- Mokhalate Malaki

Mokhalate Malaki from Madini Oils is a surprising take on a surprising take on a familiar subject: a spicy rose oud. It starts with what my husband describes as a nose-singeing chemical rose and what I consider an ultra-saffroned rose. The fragrance mellows down into an oud-sandalwood blend that's sweet enough to make me happy. Mokhalate Malaki is much smoother than many of Montale's fragrances that tend to go sour on my skin.

The rose in Madini's Mokhalate Malaki is dry and takes nicely to the sweeter woody base. It makes me think of large rooms full of perfumed objects and fabrics, spices wafting down the halls and hang there in the air for days. Suddenly the curtains are drawn and the windows opened wide to let in the cool air. The oud pops in almost green and mentholated from the folds of rose petals. It's too oudy to be clean or fresh, so let's call it "refreshing". It really is. And I quite like it (the husband says it's too sharp). From that point on, Mokhalate Malaki doesn't develop much. It's linear but not has enough of a hook to keep me interested and enjoy it. As long as the husband is not around to complain, that is.

Madini Oils- Mokhalate Malaki ($15, 3ml that will last till the end of days. This stuff is strong) is available from madini.com.

Art: Harem Life by John Frederick Lewis

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  1. I love Madini Oils, esp. the Ambargris. I might have to place an order for a sample of this as oud loves my skin chemistry.


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