Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dior Grege (734) 5 Couleurs - New Look Eyeshadow Palette

Right this minute, if I could have only one neutral eye shadow palette it would be Dior New Look in Grege (734). I wasn't too sure about the color combination at first, since Grege has both warm(ish) and cool shades, and do I really need another gunmetal gray with a shiny satin finish? Apparently so, because the combination of these particular Dior colors and their textures (from almost matte to almost metallic) was composed with an incredible amount of thought.

Neither the palette itself nor the swatches tell the full story. It's something to be discovered between eyelids and a couple of excellent makeup brushes. I've had this Dior New Look palette for over a month now and I'm still finding new ways to wear the colors, something I wouldn't have expected from such a basic looking product. It's the subtle hues of Grege that make it so versatile-- I can't speak for other skin tones, but mine is kind of grege naturally, so I can wear most of these eye shadows on different parts of the lids and brow bone, highlighting and enhancing whatever I want.

A navy blue eyeliner goes wonderfully with these Dior colors, but black is also a great option. I don't want to use any boring cliches about 'day-to-night', smoky eye, no-makeup look, etc., as I'm sure you can figure it out.

Bottom Line: if you only buy one item this season...

Dior Grege 5 Couleurs - New Look Eyeshadow Palette ($59) is available at the counters.


  1. Hello,
    First-time commenter here. I really enjoy your blog and read it daily.
    I was hoping to ask you a palette-related question. Is there any truth to the statement that the quality of products in multi-product (lipstick, eyeshadow, blush) palettes is not the same as the individual products sold under the same brand? I have heard this mentioned specifically about Chanel.
    Thank you!

  2. Bah! Why did they have to include that shade at top left. Otherwise I'd be hook,line, and sinker.

    That my problem with Dior palettes. Adore the texture and most of the finishes, but there is always at least one, usually two colors I can never wear from a quint.

  3. I have the Khaki and Blue palettes..
    now I feel I really need this one too!

  4. Huuu, looks good but I am not sure about it - looks to me like the Giorgio Armani Quad 04 in "Dior-Style" which does not have to be worse.

    I will try it for sure as it might help me to find my way back to Dior again ;-)


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