Thursday, March 08, 2012

Currently- March 2012

The husband just downloaded a new novella by Connie Willis to our Kindle library. I think that's what I'll read next. I love Connie Willis and can't recommend her books enough.

Leonard Cohen- Going Home

All three of Neela Vermeire's fragrances.

Red lipstick or gloss and Dior Grege New Look palette.

Frequently worn outfit/item
A black Rachel Pally wrap dress accessorized outrageously.

Honey Nut Cheerios. I'm a cheap date lately.

Bane of my existence
I'm so baneless it must be a sin.

Shame-inducing guilty pleasure
I'm also quite shameless these days. Well, maybe except for today when I wore Absolue pour le Soir to the DMV. Actually, no. I'm still shameless.

The first daffodil in my back yard.

The new season of Mad Men.

This Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti knit dress (photo from

Random Thought
Kate and William better announce a pregnancy before we're all devoured by Snooki and her spawn.

What are your current loves/banes/recommendations and thoughts? Please share!

Art: A Promise Of Spring by Alexander Volkov


  1. My current loves? Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. I put it on my oily tzones with a brush instead of my fingers (guess even when they're clean they have oils) and it kept my favorite foundation - Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau almost grease-less in those spots which is quite an accomplishment. Also happily surprised by two scarves I ordered from Theodora & Callum. I had my doubts but they are cute and useful.

    My bane - the NYC subway system. I don't think I need to say more. Tourists blocking the sidewalk. It's great that they're enjoying a warm day in NYC but please move to the side so I can pass you and go home.

    I totally agree with your random thought. I think a little baby princess would be very sweet.

  2. Book: Genuine Authentic by Michael Gross. Not enjoying it much. It's about Ralph Lauren and the author needs to keep reminding us that Ralph is short and Jewish.

    Music: Whatever is on KCRW

    Perfume: Fleurage Salamander

    Food: Macaroni & Cheese (I'm a cheap date too)

    Random Thought: All these media people calling women names should remember that without one they wouldn't be here.

  3. Hi Gaia and kitties!
    My current book is Hexes and Hemlines by Juliet Blackwell-SF-based mystery novels about a witch who runs a vintage clothing store. Fun and light.

    Music: Richard Wagner, my dad passed five years ago this month, Mr. Wagner was our favorite opera composer (an acquired taste, I know...)

    Perfume: Samsara vintage extrait and Bal a Versailles vintage extrait and Crown Sarcanthus.

    Makeup: Anything LMdB-especially their Red Velvet Lip Cream, a GWP from Neiman Marcus beauty event.

    Frequently worn item: Jeans and old sweaters, we're moved back into our renovated library, unpacking boxes is dusty and dirty work. I hate schlepping around in old jeans but I'm nearly done unpacking.

    Guilty Pleasure: Shopping at a vintage perfume shop in St. Helena.

    Joy: Sleeping in with the hubby and cats, waking up to a nice cup of tea. I discovered Gumps in SF has Mariage Freres tea, must run downtown this weekend.

    Wishlist: That this election year would end. Mudslinging, negativity and attacking women's reproductive rights and healthcare has me very (very) cranky.

    Anticipation: I hear Edward Bess is coming soon to Sephora. Can this possibly be true?

  4. Current Loves: New York City! I arrived yesterday and already have scoured Saks getting some burberry eyeshadows (pale barley and midnight brown) and cle de peau concealor! Thank you so much for the store guide!

    Also so looking forward to Mad Men S5 - betty is my style icon!

    Baby In A Corner/ Etaoin (on a friends laptop).

  5. Edward Bess is already online at Sephora, it would be nicer if he was in a store or two as well (preferably the ones closest to me!). lol

  6. I forgot to add a food note. I found a wonderful feta cheese by Marin Cheese Co., that comes in both goat or sheep's milk. It is great stuff, I've been adding it to my spinach omelette, or in a mixed-greens salad with dry-cured black olives. It is quite good!

  7. Book: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. Don't need to know anything about baseball to enjoy this smart, funny, true novel. Hard to believe that it is his first published book.

    Food: Fast-food fish sandwiches. I am not Catholic, but I do enjoy fried fish. Right now, Wendy's is leading on points.

    Fragrance: Tom Ford Violet Blonde. I want to live in it.

    Want: the new Leonard Cohen CD.

    Bane: This is time change weekend!!!!! Spring forward. Eeeeek.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  8. Absolue Pour le Soir to the DMV, I love it! what a way to elevate the mundane.


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