Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Providence Perfume Co.- Tabac Citron

Tabac Citron from Providence Perfume Co. is one of the most friendly and approachable natural perfumes I know. From the first familiar opening of a very zesty citrus to the comforts of lavender, it feels lived-in and down to earth, simple but not simplistic. Oh, and also very pretty. After all, it was inspired by Provencal landscapes and tries to recreate that perfect sunny morning feeling, light and shade, breeze and warmth over a beautiful country scene.

Natural Perfumer Charna ethier of Providence Perfume Co. created Tabac Citron as an easy going not-quite-cologne-type of fragrance. The lemon is more jest than juice, so it has more bite, and the very natural, almost earthy facets of Tabac Citron prevents it from being too clean and sterile. It's a real perfume, with an almost leather like touch in the dry-drown. Spraying myself (generously) with Tabac Citron is like pulling my old and worn leather jacket over the soft dresses and frilly scarves I usually wear. It's safe and comfortable but not boring.

There's a beautiful balance in Tabac Citron between crisp-green and crisp-dry. The overall feel of this Providence fragrance is on the dry side and it's completely unisex. I wish it lasted far longer than the three hours it gives me. I probably need to get a bigger bottle so I can drench myself in it to make it stay, and probably also spray some on my scarves. I can imagine my entire summer closet smelling like this. It would be a very joyous thing.

Notes: lemon zest, Provencal lavender, and blonde tobacco.

Tabac Citron by Providence Perfume Co. ($26, 6ml travel spray EDP or $115 for the 30ml) is available from  BeautyHabit and directly from the perfumer at providenceperfume.com.My sample was sent by the perfumer.

Art via maisondalienor.com

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  1. Thank you Gaia for your eloquent review of Tabac Citron! It's my best selling scent perhaps due to it's unisex appeal which you deftly described.


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