Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Histoires des Parfums- 1725 Casanova

Histoires de Parfums 1725 Casanova is part of the house's masculine line and supposed to evoke the legendary lover and his era. I doubt I would have pegged it as such had I not known about it before trying the fragrance on my skin. But really, that's my only gripe with Casanova, and who wants to smell like it's 1725, anyway?

Histoires de Parfums labeled Casanova as an "amber fougere", but to me it's all about a sweet and spicy almond-lavender. I fully agree with Dr. Luca Turin when he says that the dry-down of 1725 Casanova is closely related to Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue. A fougere would have more in common with Jicky, while this one is deliciously marzipanish.

I love the use of star anise to balance things out and spice them up. This is what keeps Casanova from being just another nice amber. It's darker, as anise and licorice notes tend to be, but incredibly balanced. You can actually smell every part of the lavender and the heliotropine of the almond. I'm kept aware and alert of the fragrance's development at every stage and it never gets boring- Casanova has some cool blue streaks running through it, or a fresh breeze that comes into the kitchen, carrying the scent of herbs and mixing it with the fresh-baked pastries.

Histoires de Parfums 1725 Casanova might lack any of the boudoir aspects the name suggests, but the fragrance makes it up to us by being scrumptious and utterly enjoyable, whether you're a man or a woman. as long as one likes anise, that is.

Notes: Bergamot, Citrus, Grapefruit, Licorice, Lavender, Star Anise, Vanilla, Almond, Sandalwood, Cedar, Amber.

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Histoires des Parfums- 1725 Casanova ($205, 4oz) is available from Henri Bendel and Aedes. Anthropolgie stores also carry the travel spray size, priced very attractively.

Art: Casanova by Louis Icart, 1928

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  1. It has unisex appeal. I really enjoy wearing it! Very elegant! I rarely find lavender perfumes in a good mix. Bergamot "exempts" it.

    Anise? I didn't smell it. Besides, star anise that is listed is a completely different spice than anise/aniseed.


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