Monday, March 19, 2012

YSL Shocking Effet Faux Cils Felt-Tip Eyeliner

While there's nothing really shocking about Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Effet Faux Cils Felt-Tip Eyeliner, it is a very good one and another good choice for those of us who like pen eyeliners. The "shocking" part of the name ties the new version of Effet Faux Cils eyeliner (its previous incarnation has been discontinued) to YSL Shocking mascara (review coming soon): both are very black, almost glossy (see swatch) and have the half-life of plutonium. The tenacity and smudge resistant are wonderful.

The tip of YSL Shocking Effet Faux Cils is reasonably fine and allows for drawing a thin line with minimal effort. While I concentrated on showing the finish and texture in my swatch above, you can also see some very fine lines on the back of the cat.

Bottom Line: very good.

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Effet Faux Cils Felt-Tip Eyeliner ($32) is available at the counters and from Sephora.


  1. I really want to try this out, I love eyliners with thin brush. x

  2. I really like the fine tip. I love your kitty swatch! :)


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