Thursday, March 08, 2012

Marc Jacobs In A Pink Dress

Last night in Paris: Marc Jacobs attended the 'Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs: The Exhibition' as part of Paris Fashion Week at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs wearing this pink shirt dress. I have to say the only part I don't like is his tattoos. I can deal with everything else. Well, maybe not the shoes.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe


  1. i consider myself to be pretty tolerant in terms of what fashionable men wear but i think i'm going to have to draw the line at a pink shirt dress. plus, it's not really doing anything for his figure.

  2. sorry, the guy looks like a dork. nothing about that works! (and i'm okay with skirts/dresses on men.) he and stella mccartney oughta get together. that would be a sight.


  3. His boxer shorts are clearly visible under the dress. Has he never heard of Spanx? Even I have, and I'm a walking 'fashion don't'.

  4. I'm with you on the boxers - you'd think he'd know you've got to wear nude coloured close-fitting undies so they don't show through. (Not briefs though as you don't want VPL.) ;->

    But I love that colour on him - looks great with his complexion. I think he could have gone a few inches shorter on the hemline because he has nice legs and good knees. And I think the shoes give an element of dressiness that the outfit needs, plus how could you show off those fab buckles under trousers?

    I'd maybe have added a black across-body bag, but for it to be masculine it would have to be quite a big messenger and that's not so eveningy. And that's the thing - this outfit is masculine. It's out there with the kilt and the djellabia in simple men's skirting. I reckon guys should consider it more - I mean, how quintessentially 'American bloke' is the polo shirt? What do you think, will this be the look this summer at the Hamptons? :-)

  5. No. Just a big No (his figure, the shoes, the tattoos, the colour...)

  6. Everything about that dress is totally and completely unflattering, from the sleeves (the dress sleeves, not his tats), to the length, the vpl, the socks.....the whole thing is a Hot Mess.

  7. Very interesting Marc Jacobs look (!) but I think the dress may have looked better with flat heeled over the knee boots. I'm no fashionista but the shoes look dreadful . Poor Marc J .

  8. I think he should stick to kilts.

  9. The boxers showing... um, no. Always wear body smoothing undies, period. I don't like the shoes or the black socks either. I would like to see a less clunking, but still masculine shoe, no socks, definitely lose the super-big buckles.


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