Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Carine Roitfeld In Allure Magazine

Carine Roitfeld who is somehow regarded as less intimidating than the devil who wears Prada despite being very very French (or perhaps because of it). Ms. Roitfeld was interviewed for the October Best of Beauty issue of Allure magazine. Here's a taste of what she had to say about beauty:
"It's about eyes and eyebrows. Pencil for the eyebrows, mascara, a black eyelid applied with pencil and then smudged with my fingers. It gets better and better during the day. I don’t change it, I just add a bit more. Maybe that’s the charm of it. It's not perfect; its very alive." -- Carine Roitfeld on her signature makeup look.
"Tom Ford always told me, 'Oh, the older you get, the blonder you will be.' But finally, I changed my mind and went to my real color…and the hair is usually a bit in the face. You know, its the same look for 25 years, but before, people were not interested in me. There were no bloggers."  -- on her hairstyle.
"You have to live with [them]. Surgery and botox, its not my thing."  --Roitfeld on wrinkles.
These qualify as quotes of the day or of the month or something. I dearly wish Allure had put Roitfeld on the cover instead of the anemic Blake Lively:

Photo of Carine Roitfeld via Info and cover photo courtesy of Allure.


  1. You are spot on! Carine would have made a fabulous and alluring cover model - pun intended!

  2. Please tell me why women who are nearly 60 think they can get away with bushy, ungroomed brows, straight hair parted down the middle with scraggly ends, dark eye makeup, and little-to-no lip color or blush? That look is rarely attractive on very young women and impossible on older ones. I wish Allure had given Roitfeld a makeover instead of an interview. She'd look fabulous with a little tweaking (although I've seen striking photos of her).

  3. I totally agree with Iron Maiden. Ms. Roitfeld just looks a hot mess, IMO. I am close to her age and if I took her "beauty" advice, I'd be better off not going out in public. LOL Also, I have to disagree - I don't think Blake Lively is anemic at all - I think she's lovely and classy. It's well known that she doesn't use a stylist and she is often the most tastefully dressed on the red carpet. Plus, she just appears to be a sweetheart and doesn't behave like a tabloid magnet. So refreshing from a young celebrity.

  4. I agree a bit with Iron Maiden - she's obviously very comfortable in her skin, but I agree about the brows...she's look so much better with shaped brows, or at least brushed brows, and a bit of color on the lips for a not-so-young woman works wonders!

  5. Well, I never would have guessed she's almost 60 so she must be doing something right even if not everyone likes her look. I agree though, sometimes I'd like to see an interesting looking cover model rather than our conventionally pretty models and actresses. Unique or stand out features can be the most alluring.

  6. Great bones, great upper arms .......

  7. ...... And a great top!

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  9. She is striking, has incredible bone structure, beautiful teeth and smile, and looks great for 58, but I'm imagining what the makeup she says she wears looks like as she "add[s] a bit more" throughout the day. Eek.

    What really struck me when I first looked at the photo is that the bushy brows/hair hanging/monochromatic makeup make her face look dirty. Never, ever a good look.

    To be clear, I'm not ripping on her--she's uniquely beautiful--but her look in the photo and description of the makeup she wears. Rustic Dove, I think "hot mess" sums it up.

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