Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret- Swatches And Review

NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret raises an issue about packaging and substance. This is obviously a collector's item (and it's priced as such) and I was thrilled to be able to order the set in a Sephora VIB sneak peek before the official public release on October 1st.  However, this is also a piece of NARS makeup and I expect it to perform. If you read yesterday's review by CharlestonGirl on Best Things In Beauty you already have an idea where this is going.

NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret includes five mini glosses. I like mini glosses but the applicator in this case, a teeny tiny thin brush, is atrocious. It's stiff and sharp, and I urge you to never ever try to apply it in a moving vehicle. Seriously, it's that bad. The formula is the usual one for Nars Larger Than Life glosses which I like: it's evening-appropriate shiny and it fills and plumps the lips with moisture that smooths them nicely. The problem here is with the colors.

Looking at the Andy Warhol print on the packaging one would hope that the people at NARS would be influenced by the bold and intense colors: red, fuchsia, purple. Instead we have one clear super shiny gloss with silver glitter (actually nice and very holidayish) and four almost milky colors that are completely sheer. The darkest one has a hint of pink that actually shows up, the others look clear on my lips and will not do much for you unless you have zombie lips the color of my arm. There's nothing wrong with clear glosses, but not in a super special much-anticipated limited edition context where the inspiration is Andy Warhol's art.

Bottom Line: for the stunning packaging only.

NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret ($55) will be available exclusively from Sephora in October.


  1. What a let down. I so wanted this, but $55 for useless product makes for one expensive can, even if it is a collectible.

  2. Oh this is so disapointing! I was expecting the colors to have more Oumf! I already have dupes of all of these. :(

  3. I do like these, not for the love of Warhol...but like Icaria said, I expected more intensity since its a Warhol collection.

  4. I love Nars, but after reading this I am not going to purchase this product.
    Thanks so much for the review.


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