Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Purses- An Alternative Approach

The more time I spend browsing and inspecting purses and handbags at department stores the more disappointed I become. Other than the truly spectacular second mortgage brands at Bergdorf there's very little that rings my bell these days. So many designs are logo-driven, redundant and boring; and unless you buy a Valentino or a Hermes bag chances are that the craftsmanship will disappoint you. This brings me back to Etsy, where artisans still offer creative items*, such as the upcycled vintage carpet bag above. Both this and the black emerald leather bag below are by StacyLeigh from Missouri ($299 each).

Next we have the Rubinia bag by FERUTObags from Dusseldorf, Germany ($169). There's also a deep yellow version.

The tan floral bag above is by EightSeasons of Estonia ($278). I wish it were a darker and more fall-like color, but it's beautiful and the size is perfect (10.2x15.2x4.8").

The soft Lotus bag by OpelleCreative from Toronto, Canada, comes in several colors, including a practical black. But it's the one in Lilac that caught my eye because it's so unique ($328).

Another Toronto artisan, FuchstBags, is responsible for this dark brown satchel ($298). The line also offers diaper bags, if that's on your agenda.

Rut Meyburg from Berlin works with upcycled materials. This "Couch Bag" is exactly that-- made of a discarded sofa (and an old belt). It includes a detachable clutch inside and looks quite edgy ($218).

What do you think about the non-it bag issue? Have you bought an artisan bag? Any other recommendations?

*Etsy is a wonderful marketplace, but do be aware that not everything there is as it seems. Look at the country of origin and how many units of each items are offered.

As always, the links in this post are for your convenience only. I'm not affiliated with any of the designer or their stores.


  1. My cousin Jamin is--truly--a basket weaver. His work is currently showing in the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery. His market baskets are great purses, but all of his work is incredible. You can find his work on Facebook, too.

    I think you'll find his work divine!

  2. I've been making shark circles around OpelleCreative for the last year. Her designs and colors are wonderful and the right blend of trendy and classic. I don't need a new purse but when I do, I'll probably get a Lotus or Botanist model.

    - Kel

  3. designer purses are so overrated. would much rather employ something unique and interesting and perhaps vintage. and whatever it is has to have at least a couple of pockets to help sort stuff. you picked some nice ones on etsy. that's a great place to find things.


  4. maybe something like this

    my favorite :-)

  5. I'd just like a well made bag rather than a mediocre one with a fancy nametag. Case in point, when my mom bought Coach bags oh so many years ago when I was a kid they were so solidly made and now...well they leave a lot to be desired.

  6. I have a bag from Elvis & Kresse, made from recycled red British fire hose, and I love it. It is unusual, attractive, well made and sturdy, and it needs no special protection on rainy days.

    1. Hi, may I ask you if your bag smelled like burned rubber when you first got it?? I just received my box bag from Elvis & Kresse and although the bag is gorgeous, the burned rubber smell is really strong... I am wondering if it will ever go away!

  7. Awesome ... Stacey is both on Etsy and has a shop in Clarksville, MO that I have visited.

  8. Great post! I've been looking through all of the bags mentioned. I'll add mine: Viva Zapata bags made from Argentinian bus seats, vibrant colorful vinyl. And MZ Wallace bags made from high quality nylon with leather accents. The pockets are fantastic!


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