Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Once upon a time there were three options for a "good" mascara: Lancome, Estee Lauder and Clinique. Some of us were loyal to one brand (I was a Lancome girl for more than a decade), others have been bouncing between them. The market is so much different these days (hey, even Chanel learned to make an almost decent mascara!), but it's still nice to go back to the classics. Of course, formulas have changed and improved greatly since my late teens, but the overall quality of Estee Lauder mascaras remains consistent.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara feels and looks like a classic mascara that adds extra fibers to the lashes. The consistency is such that makes it look seamless yet bold enough in terms of length and volume. I also find Estee Lauder Sumptuous to be very sturdy and smudge resistant. The black color is rich and slightly glossy, lending itself to a classic polished thick lashed look. The brush is good at separating the lashes and I like the very tapered shape that's good for reaching corners and tiny lashes.

Bottom Line: remember the classics.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara ($22) is available from the counters as well as from I've gotten several of these as gifts with purchase in recent months and I'm also on my second full size tube.


  1. I love your quip about Chanel! They are improving, Lancome and Armani are still my favorites. I hope you have been well :)

  2. I also recently received the Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara in a gift with purchase, but its strong smell stopped me from trying it...I have a now a little extra incentive with your review...:)

  3. I have been wearing Chanel's Inimitable and used to wear their volumizing one, Instant Lash, for years. I think they make a great mascara; then again, I could never use that drugstore wonder of Great Lash mascara in the pink and green tube. Most people swore by it! Sumptuous is a good mascara, though. I was given a sample tube of it and it worked out for me almost as well as Inimitable.

  4. This is one of only a handful of mascaras that I've liked enough to repurchase. I love how far mascaras have come in the past 10 or so years.

  5. This is the mascara I've been wearing for the past year. It's one of the few that keeps the curl. My lashes are stuborn & I have to use the blowdryer along with the lash curler. I will have to replace it soon & will probably repurchase, just to be on the safe side since it works for me.


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