Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Suqqu Ginbudou 06 Eye Shadow Quad

The time stamp on the photos of my Suqqu Ginbudou 06 Eye Shadow Quad says that I've had it for a few months now. Its strategic location in my palette drawer shows that it's become a go-to item. Since I realized that Suqqu has just discontinued Ginbudou (they released a bunch of new palettes for fall/winter), I guess I should actually review it while local counters still have a few units left (that is, in London and in Asia. Suqqu cosmetics aren't sold in the US).

Ginbudou 06 has four unassuming neutral shades in both shimmer and matte textures. The shimmers are golden peach/champagne and what looks like dark silver in the pan but is actually a more interesting color tinged with khaki. The mattes are an almost-white and a rich dark brown with a cool purplish undertone.

The texture of Suqqu eye shadows is legendary. The pigment is saturated but can be applied lightly and sheered as needed. The product is wonderfully smooth and pliable, blends beautifully and looks like  silk veil on skin. The colors play well with each other in various combinations. I also like to use one or two over a cream shadow base.

If may make a prediction, the silver khaki one will be depleted first.

Suqqu eye shadow palette colors come and go. If you're able and so inclined get this one. If not, have a look at the other options (the new one, EX-07 Tsukiakari looks incredible). We, the deprived people of North America can find Suqqu cosmetics on websites such as Ichibankao.com (the markup is significant, though).

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have my eye on this palette forever, I was gonna wait till my trip to Asia in Oct, but maybe I shouldn't.....



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