Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Is Katie Holmes The Face Of Bobbi Brown?

WWD just broke the news that Bobbi Brown signed Katie Holmes as the face of the brand. I don't think Bobbi has ever had an official celeb spokesperson-- the seasonal campaigns are always headed by models. There's no official confirmation yet either from Bobbi Brown or from Katie Holmes's camp, but it sounds believable. I can definitely see that. Too bad Suri is still too young for a mother-daughter campaign. I have a feeling she'll be a natural.

Photo of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise via Zimbio.


  1. Hmmm....I find this news a bit disappointing. It's not because I have anything against Katie Holmes, it's just that I like the way Bobbi Brown makes all women feel beautiful exactly because the line does not portray one particular ideal image. All ethnicities, skin tones, etc...Why would Bobbi now have one "type" of woman represent her philosophy of beauty?

  2. Agree with Nina. Besides, what I like most about Bobbi is she uses models from a variety of backgrounds in her books, ads, etc. Besides, Katie is a tad "blah" for me.

  3. I agree with both of you as well. I've always admired BB for using real women of different ages and ethnicities to promote her concept of pretty powerful. It's a unique concept that sets her apart from the other brands that rely heavily on a celebrity image (usually heavily photoshopped) rather than on the results their products have on real women going about their normal activities. As much as I admire the strength that Katie Holmes has been showing recently, I was disappointed to read that BB felt the need to promote a celebrity face.

  4. As you know by now, it's official about Katie. I really am surprised BB did this. Do you think there was corporate pressure from the Estee Lauder company or something?


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