Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ramon Monegal- Cherry Musk

Cherry Musk by Ramon Monegal offers a sophisticated option for a young, soft, and innocent fragrance without insulting the intelligence and taste of the person wearing it. Many musk perfumes, including the most animalic ones,  have a fruity facet. Usually it smells more like berry or even passion fruit (think CB Musk or the EDP version of Vero Profumo first three fragrances), but here the sweet musk is paired with a very light rose and ripe cherry, making Cherry Musk quite unique among fruity florals.

The first thing I smell in Ramon Monegal's Cherry Musk is a juicy and full-flavored cherry. The opening minutes remind me a little of No. 3 Notes of Cabarnet by Kelly & Jones, but Cherry Musk quickly takes a very different path, as Cabarnet is dark, nostalgic and very grownup, while Ramon Monegal chose to make his perfume youthful and tender. Cherry Musk isn't fluffy or too sweet; not even close. But it is soft and rosy cheeked. I think this is a perfect fragrance for one's first office job as it is suitable for a picnic out in the country (at least the romantic version where there's a vintage tablecloth and basket, homemade bread and no gnats).

Cherry Musk has a very porous sillage and longevity. Sometimes I think it's all gone only to later catch a whiff or get a compliment. Ramon Monegal created an unapologetic nice and approachable perfume. It might not be exactly my thing, but I have to admire the skill and the respect shown for those of us who'd rather not scare their nearest and dearest with a leather whip or various farm animals.

Notes: white musk, fruit musk, cherry accord, strawberry, tree moss, and Chinese rose.

Ramon Monegal- Cherry Musk ($185, 50ml) is available from Luckyscent and Bergdorf Goodman. This review was based on a PR sample.

Photo: Audrey Hepburn harvesting cherries in her orchard by Henry Clarke, Vogue UK, 1971.


  1. Cherry Musk, after the lovely tart juice had disappeared, became a soft rose musk along the lines of, but much more sublime than, MPG Rose Muskissime. As you say, something one could wear to the office, and as I tried it, quite nice for a casual weekend scent also.

  2. I love that picture! This sounds unusual and lovely, and your review of the Ramon Monegal leather scent was also wonderfully enticing. You've rescued me from a serious case of new brand fatigue - now I really want to try the Ramon Monegals! ~~nozknoz


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