Thursday, September 06, 2012

Serge Lutens- Santal Majuscule

The magic of Serge Lutens is alive and well.

Santal Majuscule is the third sandalwood fragrance from Uncle Serge (after Santal de Mysore* and Santal Blanc), and I think it may be my favorite. Up until the bottle of Santal Majuscule appeared in my life I considered Santal Blanc as boozy, honeyed, and sweet. It still is, but as the husband commented, in comparison to the newcomer, Santal Blanc is actually dry and spicy (and perhaps more masculine). Serge Lutens and his prophet, Christopher Sheldrake, took sandalwood in the same edible direction of Jeux de Peau, deep into gourmand land. Some of the elements like the stewed fruit, spice rack and honey are familiar. The cocoa note is sort of new (there's chocolate in Vetiver Oriental and Borneo 1834), at least in the way it translates on skin and encourages you to take a mouthful and relish the rich taste.

It's weird, I know, to think of a sandalwood perfume in these terms, but try and forget the way most modern santal fragrances have become sharp and cedar-like (because Mysore sandalwood is no longer available); instead, go back to the creamy and rich original with its hints of buttery nuts and you'll see where and how Santal Majuscule is going. It also uses an allusion to a milky Middle Eastern pudding seasoned with cinnamon and rosewater, in case you weren't hungry or besotted enough.

The rose note is the most surprising part in Lutens' Santal Majuscule. I mostly smell it later in the perfume's development, and I find it too wonderful for words. I'm not the biggest rose fan ever, but in this case I'm completely sold: this rose is smooth, sweet, with overtones of Turkish delight and a peachy pink quality that is all skin and seduction.

In case anyone missed the memo, the rumors of Serge Lutens's creative demise were not just exaggerated but also utterly false. Our favorite uncle has not lost his touch. Santal Majuscule is a beautiful perfume that has the potential to earn Lutens new fans as well as delight the fan base.

Notes: Sandalwood, honey, cocoa, spices and Arabian Attar rose.

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Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule ($140, 50ml Haute Concentration) is arriving as we speak  at all of the usual points of sale. Parfum1 already has it in stock.

*The other day I tried a layering combo of Santal de Mysore and Sarassins. This combo is a good enough reason to buy both bell jars. Seriously, it's Samsara's pervert sister.

Top image by George Barbier, 1912. Santal Majuscule promotional image from Serge Lutens Facebookpage.


  1. Glad to see I wasn't among the last ones to smell and review this perfume. :)
    I must say I enjoy it more than I thought - and agree with your review completely.
    I haven't read other reviews so I don't know how many people got Jeux de Peau association, but I did (which is also a plus for liking the perfume in my case). :)

  2. I purchased a few samples of this from Parfum1 and I love it more every time I wear it. Upon first wearing, I found it to be smoother, but very similar to Santal Blanc and believed I didn't need both. I was wrong. I definitely must have a bottle of Majuscule. Not only is it smoother than Blanc, it's more honeyed and easier to wear. The longevity is impressive too. I've even worn this several days in a row, which is something I never do! Really yummy scent.

  3. When I was in Paris last month I (of course) paid a visit to Uncle Serge. I sniffed this once and bought a bottle on the spot. It's gorgeous. It shares indeed some of the gourmand qualities of Jeux the Peaux. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the bread & butter note in JdP. The creamy sandelwood and lovely soft rose in Santal Majuscule, however, became best friends instantly. Claudia

  4. If you love the smell of sandalwood, go to your nearest Indian grocery store and stock up on Mysore Sandal soap for $3. This soap has been around for over 100 yrs and it smells awesome. I use it to scent my lingerie drawer. Look online for Indian grocery stores near you, there are loads of them around bcos we Indians cannot live without our products and spices. These stores have an array of ayurvedic products and natural oils and are a virtual treasure troves of jasmine scented hair oils etc.

  5. I'm very excited to try this one! I'm not usually a fan of rose notes either but this sounds lovely.


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