Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chantecaille- The Elephant Palette Fall 2012

I passed on several of Chantecaille's limited edition palettes from previous seasons because as gorgeous as they looked (and they were, indeed, fabulous. Nobody does embossed palettes quite like Chantecaille), the colors were not right for me. Then came the Fall 2012 Elephant Palette and I was a goner. First, it's elephants. Then there are the rich shades, and last: the compact holds four eye shadows, so no weird and unflattering blush.

Chantecaille Elephant Palette includes the following: Ivory (pearly beige , actually a creamy finish on skin), Grasslands (lush dark green with shimmer), Iron Ore (charcoal gray with flecks of gold), and Red Earth (somewhere between terracotta and copper). These colors are unique enough to make the palette stand out even without the cute elephants. I'm also thankful that there's no overspray to mess so the embossed elephants don't get smudged and fade.

The texture is the usual Chantecaille fare: delicate, shimmery and light. The colors can be packed on with the appropriate brush or used as a sheer was of color. I highly recommend using a good primer such as Paula Dorf's to keep these diaphanous eye shadows in place and looking their best all day long.

Bottom Line: gorgeous, wearable, luxurious.

Chantecaille- The Elephant Palette is a limited edition for Fall 2012. Available from Beauty Habit, Space NK, and select department stores.


  1. awww love the elephant palette more then the colors.. lol :)

  2. Is it just me or the shade look sheer? I have a weakness for eyeshadow palette but still don't have the kick to try this one, especially with this price tag.

  3. Thank you for swatching these! I like Chantecaille eye shadows in general since they're so highly pigmented, but I also haven't fallen in love with one of the palettes. Looks like I might have to get this one though. I love that bronzey green!


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