Thursday, September 20, 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret- A Sneak Peek

NARS Andy Warhol NARS Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret from the Sephora Exclusive Pop Collection is even more stunning than the promo pictures lead me to believe. The limited edition set in its soup can container is obviously very collectible. I wanted it first and foremost because of the container (it'll be housing makeup brushes very soon), but the mini glosses are also as cute as they come.

Swatches and review are coming next week.


  1. I want the set for the exact same reason: the can, and I want to store my eye/little brushes in it!

  2. I need this & the glosses do look quite nice.


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