Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Aftelier- Candide

Candide by natural perfumer Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes is sweet, romantic, flirtatious and a bit risqué. Candied citrus and indolic flowers might not be a classic December perfumes, but it's fun and uplifting, so why not? Besides, I have a feeling that wearing Candide in the height of summer might be a bit too much, at least on days I'm actually planning on leaving the house and being around people. The way jasmine blooms in the heat might send the wrong message.

Candide opens up with a joyous and giggling citrus- it's bubbly, sweet and tinged with an impression of red fruits, though it doesn't even resemble the horrid department store berry note you find everywhere. It's easy-going and youthful without being juvenile. Soon after, jasmine comes into play and remains there for several hours. I get very little of the promised dry-down: if there are any frankincense, oppoponax and myrrh they've been swallowed whole by the jasmine. It might be a matter of skin chemistry, though. I've been known to be eaten alive by jasmine notes, only in this case I don't really mind. It's that much fun.

The jasmine in Mandy Aftel's Candide is round and full- it has curves and is not afraid to use them. It's definitely indolic to my nose (and to the husband's. So much, actually that he can't tolerate this perfume around him) and has all the dirty intentions in the world, but still maintains a certain sense of humor about it. However, Robin of NST didn't find the indoles all that prominent, so your impression may vary.

Candide by Aftelier ($150, 30ml EDP or 7.5oz extrait de parfum) can be purchased directly from aftelier.com . Samples and minis are also available. The sample for this review was supplied by the perfumer.

Please note that there's a 10% discount going on until December 13th with the code "holiday". As always, I'm in no way affiliated and have no commercial interest.


  1. I was surprised that I like this since I'm usually not a fan of super citrus scents. The jasmine wins me over in Candide. But, boy is it strong at 1st! Reminds me of paint thinner!
    I did get some frankincense after, no joke, 12-14 hours of wear.But, it isn't prominent. It seems to be frankincense wrapped in a golden robe of blood orange and jasmine.
    Great review!

  2. Wow, he cannot tolerate it! I am afraid I am a terrible judge. I tried to get my husband to smell it but he had a cold and couldn't smell a thing...

  3. Thanks, V.! I do find the lasting power to be quite amazing. Just no frankincense on my skin. I'm really happy, though, that the new crop of natural perfumes is proving they don't have to be fleeting. All the Outlaw perfumes can give Serge Lutens a run for his money.

  4. Robin, not only that, but when I wore Candide again this evening to finish the review, he informed me in no uncertain terms I will need to take another shower and get rid of it. Party pooper.

  5. sounds nice, but i just wanted to say that the man in the photo reminds me very much of the actor who plays "will" on the good wife. is it just me?


  6. I just attended Mandy Aftel's holiday gathering Sunday-tried several of her scents. It was an absolute pleasure, her creations were lovely, and Mandy was so generous and informative, I learned so much! I told her I love oak moss, she dragged out a wonderful oak moss incense, mentioned I love patchouli, she brought out a 100 year old sample, Ambergris, she took out the raw material and the tincture. It was heavenly.

    I wound up purchasing her fig perfume and her patchouli spice body oil, plan to purchase the chocolate/saffron body oil next. I also love chypres, her Pink Lotus is next on my list.


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