Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty News- Edward Bess, Le Metier de Beaute and more

There are many pretty new things in our future. I spent some quality time at the counters recently, from my local Saks and Bloomie's to the beauty level at Bergdorf. As you can see, it's been fruitful.

I had my makeup done by Dustin Lujan of Le Metier de Beaute who used the very new Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kaleidoscope. It's as gorgeous as everyone has suspected and will appeal especially to lovers of neutral shades with a twist. The colors are new and while they have cousins in the regular range, they're still unique. Photos and swatches coming soon.

The new Edward Bess mascara, Bess-Lash, is already available from the counter at Bergdorf Goodman. I wasn't too keen on the older version, but this one looks very promising. It comes in black (review coming soon) and dark brown, and has a new plastic comb applicator instead of the old brush. But this isn't the only reason to get giddy about Edward Bess products- there are two new single eye shadows coming out in the next couple of months. One is Mirage, a peachy gold, close to the lightest color from the Island Escape trio. The other one, Storm is a purple gray, a bit lighter than Night, the darkest of the single Ultra Luminous eye shadows.

Just as exciting is the Edward Bess eyeshadow primer that will be released soon. It comes in three basic shades in a tube with a doe foot applicator, and from what I saw it's phenomenal- a smooth luminous texture. I can't wait to actually test it on my eyes. In other interesting Edward Bess news, Fall 2011 will bring us a skincare line. It's being developed now and no details available, yet.

The new Cle de Peau Spring 2011 collection is gorgeous, but there was not even one color in it that looks good on me. Neither one of the eyeshadow quads (beautiful metallic finish, sort of pastel shades) was my thing and all the lipsticks in both formulas (three each, if I remember correctly) were too light or beige/brown for me. This collection will be perfect for the fair and the blonde, so I can't wait to see them on my friends.

Shiseido Spring 2011 is a big barrel of fun. I left the counter with just a lipstick, Shimmering Rouge in Iron Maiden (RS308), the color you will see in their ads and promotional pictures everywhere. Yes, review and swatches are coming as soon as I get a chance to wear it for a day or two.

I was positively surprised with the new Bobbi Brown lipstick, Rich Lip color. The new formula is the best they ever offered and the colors are nice. I found true love in No. 10, Plum Rose, but also liked No. 11. I might have to get it at some point.

So there you have it- the snow is slowly melting, February might eventually be over and spring colors are looking better and better. What's on your radar these days?

Photo is mine, tail is Sophie's.


  1. I was so close to writing a comment asking if you had bought a grey lipstick- it took me a good few minutes to realise it's a black & white photo- oh dear, it must be past my bedtime! I'm excited about new edward bess, the peachy shadow and primer sounds wonderful!

  2. Wow, looking forward to the EB skin care line! I get very excited by skin care products. Also must try the eye primers. I have fallen out of love with the Urban Decay I have always used and am looking for a new love.

  3. An Edward Bess eye primer! Music to my ears.

  4. I very much like the sound of the new darker EB eyeshadow and I shall look forward to the review of the eye primers. I've yet to look at the new Bobbi Brown lipsticks but they do sound good from reports so far.

    I have a list of things I'd like to get as usual, the new Hourglass cheek tints are first on the agenda. The NARS Spring duos and RBR Cream eyeshadows are also catching my eye. I'd love to get the Sea Turtles palette but I have a feeling that once again it's just that bit too expensive to pull the trigger...


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