Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Julie Hewett Ruby Organic Camellia Balm

I go through a lot of balms and lip treatments during the winter (and only slightly less in the summer months). I have soft spots for nicely tinted balms that multitask and function as part of the overall look. This Organic Camellia Balm from Julie Hewett is one of my favorites of this category because it has everything I like.

The texture of the Camellia Balm is rich yet not heavy or goopy at all. It goes on in a thin layer with an almost glossy finish and makes my lips feel better instantly. I can't guarantee how much active ingredient is in this Julie Hewett product, but camellia seed oil is listed first on the box, and the balm's performance is quite outstanding, so I reach for it often.

Ruby is a sheer pink-based red. My lips are much darker than my wrist, so I don't get nearly as much color, but worn on its own, Ruby keeps my lips from appearing washed out. It also makes a great base for lipstick I normally find too dry. Julie Hewett also recommends using Camellia Balm as a cheek tint. I was brave enough to try and really liked it- Ruby is easily sheered using nothing but fingers and gives my face a very natural and healthy flush that doesn't even look like makeup. I didn't experience any skin issues as a result- on the contrary- I find it pleasant and softening.

Bottom Line: lovely and useful.

Julie Hewett Ruby Organic Camellia Balm ($18. This products also comes in nude and rose as well as in stick and pot forms) is available from

All photos are mine.


  1. gorgeous color - must have!!!

  2. I have been wanting to try this in nude for awhile now. Must do! Sounds perfect.

  3. ohh thanks for posting! I love Julie Hewett and haven't seen this product before.


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