Monday, February 21, 2011

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz- Rose Vert EDP

The first time I randomly pulled out the sample of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Rose Vert and sniffed the tester it hit me with a chaotic multi-colored rose. I wasn't sure Rose Vert and I were fully compatible, but this DSH creation, like all natural perfumes, cannot be judged or appreciated until they get a chance to develop and interact with one's skin.

It's not so easy to pinpoint exactly what makes Rose Vert such a superior perfume, rosy or not. There's the abundance of just about every raw rose material known to men- Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Centifolia Rose Absolute, Damask Rose Absolute, Moroccan Rose Absolute and Turkish Rose Otto that paints a round, sweet and full picture of the flower, as though it was captured in its most flattering pose and angle. Then there's the pairing with green notes- from the light citrus of the opening to the dark velvety moss that draws you in, deeper and deeper into the wood, away from the sun... there's magic in there, sensuality and a delicate and sophisticated sweetness that comes from the rose itself with no discernible additives.

Rose Vert is an emotional experience as much as an olfactory one. DSH has created such depth in this perfume- color and texture that create longing to experiences and moments that linger on the edge of your memory and awareness. If you think about it, good poetry is often made of similar mental building blocks.

Rose Vert is part of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Perfection Connoisseur collection, based on fine natural essences, seldom used in commercial fragrances due to their extreme rarity and cost. Available in several sizes, concentrations and bottles (for example: $60 10ml EDP) from

Art: Wild Roses by David Densley, 2009


  1. I have yet to sample any of Dawn's creations but I sure can appreciate a good Rose scent. Two of my favs, Pasteum Rose by Eau d'Itale and Rose 31 by Le Labo, I wear quite regularly. I think, however, after reading your review, I may need to add Rose Vert to the rotation.

  2. Rose Vert is really beautiful - and for a mostly-natural scent, seems to last for hours on me (as many fragrances do not). I've gone through three samples and started on a fourth... time for a bottle?

    Dawn evokes dream imagery in describing the scent, and I think that's appropriate. There's something intangibly beckoning about it.

  3. It sounds divine. I love a rose with moss. I'm going to get a sample of this.

  4. I'm such a weirdo. I actually have a bottle (small - 4 or 5ml) that I have never tried. And I LIKE rose!

    okay - your post has put that little bottle at the front of the cabinet. It thanks you! :-)



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