Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Roundup For Valentine's Day Weekend

I'm one of those annoying people who love Valentine's Day. I don't care about the Hallmark aspect (the Blond and I never do cards), but to me V-Day is the only thing that makes February tolerable. We used to go out for a special dinner in the city (last year we were seated four feet away from Mick Jagger and his girlfriend. Sadly, that was the only memorable thing from that dinner- the food was way too boring and bland), but this year we're dressing up and staying in and having a romantic dinner at home- the food is guaranteed to be better and there will be a cat or two on our laps. There's nothing better than that.

In beauty news, our roundup group is still battling winter and getting ready for spring, as you can see from this collection of excellent posts:

 Ladies' Home Journal asked  Kari from Fab over Forty  to name her favorite beauty products for their annual "Beauty Awards" issue. See what made the cut for the magazine's March issue.

The new Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine is coming out soon and there's a lot of anticipation for it. Amy at Café Makeup has Boy, the preview color released this week. It'd decidedly not the shade for me (way too light) but I have high hopes for some serious plums and reds.

Another much-anticipated product is Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette. It's so gorgeous some people are buying two- one for use and one to keep as a collectible. Charlestongirl received hers this week and promptly fell in love. See the palette and find out why you should support "the cause" at Best Things in Beauty.

Sabrina is on the prowl for a new foundation. Part 1 of her three-part series is ready for you at The Beauty Look Book. As usual, Sabrina is thorough and meticulous in her research and sampling.

Ever wonder if RevitaLash lash growth Serum and Mascara works? Find out what Kelly thinks at Gouldylox Reviews!

Is you skin suffering from winter? Kathryn has offered us some great tips for winter skin care at BeautyXposé.

Laurie at Product Girl listed her recommendations for keeping hair healthy in winter. Surprisingly, moving to Aruba is not on the list, but considering there's more snow coming our way this week, maybe it should.

Do you have a beauty graveyard? It's not as morbid as it sounds (well, maybe a little). Check out DivaDebbi to see the discontinued products Debbi is hanging onto - for as long as possible.

I'm always curious about people's little beauty secrets. Jane shares the the things she can't be without at Daly Beauty.

Most perfumes lovers remember the process that made them into the addicts they are. Were you always into scent? Did it start one day with a special discover? Victoria shares her love story on Bois de Jasmin.

Are you after a classic  makeup look centered around red lipstick for Valentine's day? Victoria of EauMG shows us how to get the 1950s look of Elaine Stewart. Gorgeous!

Enjoy the weekend and stay warm. There are only a few more weeks until daffodils and forsythia will color our world bright yellow.

Photo of model Jean Paychett, 1951,

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