Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bijoux Hibou -Jewelry that lets the sun shine in

Apologies for the late start today. I'm still trying to recover from the flu and it isn't happening as fast as I'd like. But I promise some pretties are coming up and I'll do my best to catch up on photos and swatches (email is another thing, though. You know I'm permanently behind). I was searching for something else when I stumbled upon Bijoux Hibou, an Etsy jewelry store by artists Wandie Ortiz. Her one-of-a-kind painted polymer clay necklaces caught my eye with their warm colors and sunshiny designs. The finished work looks like glazed ceramic, but is actually created by applying alcohol inks and dyes and painting directly onto polymer clay with a brush. Liquid clay is added to seal the color and heat as many times as needed to get the desired look.

The ones you see here (both photos by the artist), the Golden Sun and the Butterfly necklaces are currently available for the princely sum of $15 each. Just search for Bijoux Hibou on Etsy.


  1. OH! Guh-HORRRGEOUS!! I'm headed there straight away.

    And to you, Gaia, may you return to Most Excellent *HEALTH* Entirely SOON!! It's amazing you still deliver such Lovely to your readers feeling like you do - WOW.

    & whatta Beautiful Feline! - life without cats I shall never venture to imagine. Themz the Good Stuff. And Perfume. And Makeup. And Loving and Being Loved.

    Get Better, Cool You.

    Zanne :)


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