Friday, February 25, 2011

Smashbox Face & Cheek Brush No.2

Our brush of the week is Smashbox Face & Cheek Brush No.2. I picked it for my travel kit last summer because I was a bit wary about risking  my delicate NARS Yachio. Smashbox No. 2 looked sturdier and seemed like it would do double and triple duty for blush, a swipe of light bronzer and/or setting powder. The size and shape are right- rounded, domed and full-bodied. The goat hair is soft enough but not floppy and the brush performs well, but at this point my brush collection has me spoiled.

Smashbox Face & Cheek Brush No.2 is too big for my liking as a blush brush, especially with very pigmented blushes. I don't have much cheekbone to speak of, so a good placement is essential. Hence my love affair with the Yachiyo. I have softer face brushes for bronzing, highlighting and buffing, and my biggest complaint is about the finish I get from the Smashbox brush with products such as Guerlain Meteorites. It's not as good as I expect. But I'm aware this is really nitpicking- this is a decent working brush and I have been using it successfully, especially with Smashbox own Soft Lights. It just can't replace some of my favorite face brushes (some I already reviewed, others will soon be featured here).

Bottom Line: Good for some products but it's not The One.

Smashbox Face & Cheek Brush No.2 ($48) is available from Ulta, Sephora and

All photos are mine, my lovely assistant is Sophie.

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