Monday, February 28, 2011

Burberry Lip Gloss Heather Rose (no. 11)

Burberry Lip Glow lip gloss in Heather Rose (#11) has been my secret weapon lately. It's great on its own, with or without a grounding layer of lip liner underneath, especially for quick and natural looks, but it also adds a lot of dimension to many a lipstick. Heather Rose is a warm beiged-out rose, a bit hard to describe as it changes with the light. Since my lips are darker and have quite a bit of purple pigment, this Burberry gloss is one of my favorite and most flattering nude colors. It would look different if your lips are pale, of course, but I think anyone who can wear delicate warm colors would be able to pull it off.

Like all Burberry lip glosses (and other makeup items, really), the quality here is top notch. The gloss has a light and comfortable texture, it moisturizes and sooths, isn't too sticky and stays in place as well as one can expect from a top of the line lip gloss. I touch up after three hours (or a snack) to maintain the finish, less so if it tops a highly pigmented lipstick.

Burberry Lip Glow lip gloss ($27) is a Nordstrom exclusive, available online and from select locations.

All photos are mine.

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