Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Things That Need To Go Away

Words/Figures of speech:
Baby Bump

Leggings-oversized ratty sweater-Uggs
Spring and summer dresses on a sub-zero snowy night.

Katy Perry
Christina Aguilera

And two more things:
Beer commercials
Paid Tweets

Photo of Katy Perry hawking her perfume in Mexico City from Zimbio


  1. It's funny that you commented on Katy Perry & Christina Aguilera. My husband grumbled at me the other night for being so "fuddy duddy" about them. The truth is, I was way over Madonna before a lot of people were. Christina, especially, has such a beautiful voice that I wish she would stop trying so hard to be sexy. Her latest video actually made my jaw drop & I didn't think I shocked so easily anymore. I like the retro 40s vibe she did a while back much better. These girls put a whole new meaning on OVER-EXPOSURE!

  2. I'm all for taking my girls out for a breather in something low cut, but that dress is just beyond tacky. Good lord! It's not even cute!

  3. All need to go away except for Katy Perry and beer commercials. But, it also depends upon the beer commercials. I like beer; and I like Katy Perry; but not silly ads and definitely NOT that dress!

  4. I am so glad you said "baby bump," drives me nuts to no end.


  5. I've been annoyed that Katy Perry's "Firework" is being used in every other ad on television, but I didn't realize I was getting annoyed with her until I saw the pic in this post. We get it, Katy, you have great boobs. Let's tuck 'em away for a bit now, shall we? I was also really annoyed to see her press for her fragrance - how it's so unique and different and blah blah, then when I actually tried it, it was so UNoriginal and honestly just awful. I'd like it if she went away for a while and maybe came back in a few years when I might be able to tolerate her again...

  6. Haul! Just tacky and déclassé in every sense of the word. As is Christina...and Katy. Katy Perry cannot even sing. Every time she sings in public I wish she would lip synch. She cannot hit a note.

    I am guilty for wearing leggings Uggs and sweaters- with one caveat. ONLY IN MY HOUSE!

  7. What hurts me, is that Katy Perry is actually very pretty. And that Christina has one of the most amazing voice in this era. I wish they'd stop trying too hard.

  8. Katy - only pretty with blond(ish) hair. Did you catch her at the Chanel thing? Gorgeous!!! Christina? You might as well add the Xtina name to your 'Go Away' pile. Hate it. Also with Katy and Christina, the sexy thing goes away quickly. Madonna found that out. Once you hit 30, 35 you'd better have talent because sexiness just looks tacky after a while. (I'm 43, btw!) I also was "over" Madonna by the 90's. The problem I think with Lip Syncing isn't so much the fact that they're doing it as the fact that every concert has to look like a Broadway musical number and that to me is the epitome of tacky! Baby Bump. Ugh! Everytime a woman has a less than perfectly flat stomach, she has a Baby Bump? Please, get a life and a better sense of anatomy!! And the only UGGs that look good on anybody are the Cardys and the leather ones. I like the sloppy sweater and leggings look, though (I was a teen in the 80's. I'm allowed to like that!)

  9. Well the are all POP PORN STARS, so is Rihanna, Lady Gaga, the Kardashians (even if they are not capable of anything usefull). Some men like it and sex is still selling - mind they are managed by men and driven into style-whoredom. Sad but true.


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