Thursday, February 03, 2011

Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil

Or: How once again Kanebo Sensai saves the day (and face).

Skin mishaps are the biggest occupational hazard of beauty bloggers. We subject our faces to many products (you know, so you don't have to) and some of them are not only wrong for us but also create a disturbance in the Force.

I got a bad case of clogged pores recently and had to find a good and quick solution. From my experience, cleansing oils are the best products for this situation- you can massage your face slowly and methodically until the skin is softened and your pores let go of the dirt clogging them. For a minute I considered Shu, but I already knew it was too efficient and would strip my skin bare. Using a very drying product is actually the worst thing you can do in this situation because it send the skin into an overdrive. Definitely not the right course of action when you seek to restore balance. I turned to my beauty closet and retrieved samples of Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil. Cue superhero music.

I already knew from past experiments that Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil was very  good at makeup removal as long as you gave it a little time to do the work after massaging it all over the face. It's interesting to watch the oil dissolves the makeup and make it float to the top. It's not as good with eye makeup, but I've always preferred using an eye makeup remover as the first step and letting my face cleanser, oil or not, just take care of the leftover debris.

I started to use the Kanebo Sensai oil over makeup-free face as well as to remover the paint. I took the time, rubbed the oil methodically and was fascinated when I actually saw and felt the gunk evacuate the pores. It's cool in a very disturbing way. A few days of that (and a couple of other products I'll review soon) did the work and I no longer felt like the oldest teenager in the world.

There are several other product in the Silky Purifying line and I'm working on incorporating them into my skincare routine. You'll hear all about it.

Bottom Line:  A full bottle is making its way here as we speak.

Kanebo Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil ($50, 150ml) is available from (online only) and Bergdorf Goodman. The samples were sent from the company's PR team. I purchased a bottle at full price.



  1. I am very intrigued by this. Very. Intrigued. I've still not used a cleansing oil because I rarely wear makeup nowadays and didn't think it would be worth it, but now I'm reconsidering after reading this.

  2. Now in my 40s, I'm still fighting breakouts on top of fine lines. LUCKY ME! It might be time to try something new. Just curious if you use a cleansing oil everyday or just a couple of times a week? And do you use a toner afterwards?

  3. Kanebo clensing oil is very good at keeping your face clean even when, like me, you're a man and wear no makeup; I use it before the equally good Mud Soap (wash & mask) or Creamy Soap from the same line. I've recently tried the Cleansin Gel with scrub but that didn't work for me as good as the oil.

  4. This sounds amazing, you really have me wanting to try this. I get it in the basic sense, but at the end of the day, I'm still worried I'm going to break out.

    Do you wash with another cleanser afterward?

  5. Hi Gaia,

    I've been looking into cleansing oils a lot lately. I have combination skin that's sensitive and acne prone, with clogging on my nose and chin (blackheads). In your experience, are cleansing oils helpful to break up the clogging? Also, do you cleanse w/ a soapy product after you use the oil? Or is that it?

  6. I have toyed w/the idea of using a cleansing oil in the past, and just never seemed to be able to find 1 I liked enough to allocate the funds from my 'already stressed' beauty-product budget. This one SOUNDS fab - I may have to spring for it! I'm such a 'Beauty-product junkie' (THERE-I've said it!) I usually have an OVER-abundance of cleansers from all different lines - and other than Philosopy's 'Purity made simple' (which I go back to over & over!)I haven't found 1 I like that much. Maybe this 1 will STICK w/me - @ least for the colder months!!! ;-)

  7. Do You think it would be good for removing an Asian BB cream?
    Thank You in advance:)


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