Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Inspired by my wonderful reader, Eileen, and because color is the only way to deal with the weather (apparently, I live in Wasilla, NJ), here are a few ultra bright moments of fashion past. Bring on the yellow, orange and chartreuse.

Photos: and


  1. I love the first photo. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Great post, color is just what i need these days, as it seems this part of northern Italy has been swallowed by the fog. Speaking of colors, have you seen Jil Sander's spring women and men collections by Raf Simons? Take a look, they'll cheer you up.

  3. "Wasilla, NJ"

    Too fabulous, Gaia.

    Warm tidings from Wasilla, OH.


  4. Cool-ass post! Makes me feel happy.

  5. Thanks for the pix, I'm salivating over the colors and the vintage fashion!


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