Friday, February 04, 2011

NARS Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Spring 2011 (and comparison to Goddess)

I know it feels like NARS week here and on several other blogs, but the Spring 2011 collection, while not even in quality, seems to offer something for just about everyone. One of the better and most useful item NARS created is Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil. Hollywoodland doesn't have the melty Crayola texture of Celebrate, the other Soft Touch pencil from this collection. Instead, it is similar in consistency to the first batch of pencils from last year and offers an alternative to those who found Goddess too pink for their taste.

Goddess is a pink champagne shimmer while Hollywoodland is a soft gold. I love both and find them among the most useful and versatile one could have in a makeup collection. They layer, highlight, help with quick touch-ups, travel well and require no special tools or skill. Unlike Celebrate, Hollywoodland (and the other pencils) don't melt or crease on me. I use the pale colors as highlighters and the dark ones on the lash lines (upper and lower) with no issue (10-12 hours of wear in non-extreme weather) and absolutely love them. That's why I was so disappointed in Celebrate's sub-par performance. The pencils make an excellent base that ground and illuminates powder eye shadows. Layering gives that coveted lit-from-within look (try it with Dior or Edward Bess eye shadows on top). I'm still finding new ways to use them and hope for more new colors.

Bottom Line: Yes, please.

NARS Hollywoodland Soft Touch Shadow Pencil for Spring 2011 ($24) is available from


  1. It's really funny, the Nars artist in Sephora was really excited to introduce me to this pencil so I popped it on my hand and I swear I could barely see it! lol I had to move my hand to catch some light to be able to see where I put it. It showed up so nicely on his darker skin though!

  2. I love them, I feel they are essential for special effects to add accent to the regard and at the same time make it subtle. I should get them.


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