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Le Metier de Beaute Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kaleidoscope- Photos, Swatches, Impression

I only got my hands on the newest Le Metier de Beaute Eye Kaleidoscope, Smoldering Embarkment, yesterday afternoon, but I actually got to wear it for a full day on Tuesday, after Dustin The Magnificent did my makeup using it. I loved the effect he created and the elegance  of this look- Smoldering Embarkment is based on neutral colors but has a twist, thanks to the rich shimmery purple in the third tier and its the warmth it gives to the other shades.

Those already familiar with Le Metier de Beaute and the Kaleidoscope concept don't need much of an introduction. If you're new to the brand, I'll tell you that these are top level finely milled eye shadows with an incredible depth and satin texture/finish. The colors in the Kaleioscope can be worn alone or in any combination, but their secret is that they're meant to be layered one on top of the other. You start at the top and often use it as a base, going down the tiers, the bottom often used as a liner along the lashes. You can and should play and adjust the amounts you use of each according to the look and effect you wish to achieve and even change the order of the colors- it's all about creativity and making the look your own.

Smoldering Embarkment was meant as a Valentine's Day special, but the counter at Bergdorf didn't get it on time (which is why I had to leave the counter empty-handed on Tuesday and had to wait for the FedEx guy). The colors in this Kaleidoscope are not too out there, and would compliment and thrill most faces. I have a feeling this combination (created by Dustin Lujan) is going to be a true classic and highly popular- it's that pretty.

So, what do we have here?

At the top there's the satin First Love. It's a perfect base and highlighter that brightens the area under the brow. You can see it compared to the single (matte) Naked- First Love is decidedly yellower.

Love Struck looks deceivingly simple in the pan. What's so special about a medium brown? Well, it has some khaki and gold undertones and it's absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't find even a distant cousin among my Le Metier herd, and actually, even in a color wardrobe rich with neutrals as I have, none looked or swatched  exactly like Love Struck (some Shiseido and Edward Bess colors are close, though).

In Love, the beautiful purple was the one that looked very familiar. A quick rummage through my eye shadow drawers produced Le Metier de Beaute's Devotion Kaleidoscope . The color in the second tier, Mon Amour looks identical to In Love. The funny thing is that when swatching I actually see a difference- I played with them extensively, swatching on my other arm, moving from room to room and stepping outside for a change in light, but they never looked quite the same. Either they are truly not the same or I'm going nuts (it's possible. I have some upper respiratory crud that's making me miserable and cold meds aren't exactly sanity-friendly). In any case, the difference is very subtle and if these were single eye shadows you'd never buy both.
(By the way, Devotion still seems to be available on Nordtrom website, but if you look closely at their photo this is actually the Holiday Kaleidoscope which they were not even supposed to have. Just an FYI)

Lovelorn is a soft charcoal satin with the finest micro-shimmer in multiple colors. It's a lot more subtle when swatched and looks identical to the single Thunder. I actually have two pans of Thunder, one much older than the other and they're not 100% identical in the pan, but the swatches are completely interchangeable between all three.

So to sum it up- two completely new shades, two existing one (though one is a limited edition and only appears in another Kaleidoscope), a spectacular combination. The universality of the looks one can get from Smoldering Embarkment makes it a great choice to carry in a makeup bag for various occasions- it's one of the "you can't go wrong with this" palettes. To complete the look, Dustin used Le Metier de Beaute Anamorphic mascara in Jade- it's a soft almost-green shade that I've always loved. It goes perfectly with these eye shadows.

Bottom Line: Do you even need to ask?

Le Metier de Beaute Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kaleidoscope ($95) is a limited edition and available from Bergdorf Goodman. It's not online yet, so you'll need to call the counter (212-872-8612).

All photos are mine.


  1. I love the colors, cool eye kit!

  2. I already have two kaleidoscope e/s palettes, Devotion and Splendid Frost. I think it's amazing how they blend together to create such colors.
    I love Embarkment! It's very workable. I just wish they weren't so pricey.

  3. It looks gorgeous as I've come to expect from Le Metier. Annoyingly we didn't get Splendid Frost in the UK and we've lost LMdB's online presence on the Selfridges website. I'm told it's temporary, I really hope that's case. It's such a great cosmetics line, it's a shame the availability is so limited (of course, I imagine my husband on the other hand is probably quietly thrilled!).

  4. After stalking your pics/review of this I finally, like literally 5 mins ago, caved and called and ordered it. It is def. a splurge but I have the Le Cirque kit and love so I doubt I will be disappointed. Thanks for pushing me over the edge, lol


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