Thursday, February 10, 2011

Collage- A Community Art Gallery In Warwick, NY

I bought this ring at Collage, a newish (opened last October) gallery in Warwick, NY. Warwick is a cute little town in Southern NY where you can find beautiful Victorian houses, a decent farmers' market, antique shops and art galleries. Oh, and also Jean-Claude's Patisserie, which is as French as it comes (25 Elm Street, behind the Burger King, ironically). The patisserie alone is worth the trip, but now that I also found Collage, it becomes a regular stop for me.

The gallery was opened by a local businesswoman, a real estate agent, who decided to make her office into something more. Collage is a non-profit place that represents local artists from the Tri-State area (and also Pennsylvania, if I'm not mistaken). The mission statement says "The Gallery strives to present dynamic exhibits that engage, confound, delight and entice viewers". The collection includes jewelery, paintings, photographs, ceramics and more. Quite a few items caught my eye and I love the unceremonious and laid back atmosphere of the place that doesn't take away from the beauty of the items on display.

Collage Gallery doesn't have a website at this point but can be reached by phone (845-986-9000) or email ([email protected]).  The address is 24 Railroad Avenue, Warwick, NY. Obviously I'm not affiliated with the place in any form other as a customer.

All photos, hand and kitten are mine. Here's another one of Josephine who assisted me as I was taking pictures of the ring.


  1. Really, congratulations for this beautiful choice. I love it. and your cat. I too have one:-)

    will have to wait to see if there is a website someday for intl sales...


  2. I really like your cat. His or hers amber eyes are just stunning.


  3. what a glorious eye color she has! so vibrant and clear!


  4. Yes, those eyes! Are they like that in real life? Or is it just an effect of the light?

  5. Beautiful ring and it looks great on you. Also, really like the polish color - what is it? It's nice to see a pic of your hands and nails for a change! rachel

  6. Josephine and I want to thank everyone for the compliments. She really is a beauty- the light gray coat and deep amber eyes are a lovely combination (yes, the color is very real). Her sister Sophie has a much darker coat and lighter eyes- they're almost yellow. The interesting thing about Josie and Sophie is that their marbling is nearly identical and both have a rosette on each side.

    As for my nail polish, it's All Hail McQueen from Butter London. I think it was a limited edition last year. I regret not buying a backup bottle.

  7. Wonderful ring, it has nice balance and color. It'd be nice if they had a website, but everything in time.... BTW, your kitty Josephine is lovely and she looks like she's wearing eyeliner!


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