Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Edward Bess Nude Eye Shadow

The Nude eye shadow from Edward Bess is brought to you by the Can't Go Wrong With This department. No matter what eye makeup look I'm trying to create, 90% of the time I start with a light nude eye shadow that brightens and opens up the area. It's a similar idea to Bobbi Brown's base color approach, but her suggested  colors (like Navajo, Bone, Banana and Shell) end up as a translucent powder on my brow bone doing nothing other than making me look dusty.

Edward Bess Luminous Eye Shadow in Nude is a bit brighter than my other go-to base color, Le Metier de Beaute Naked. The LMdB shadow is matte but still lightens and brightens. I wear it so much I'm close to hitting pan, as it's most suitable for simple daytime looks. Nude by Edward Bess is a little more sophisticated. The eye shadow has the brand's typical satin finish- no obvious shimmer or shine, but a lit-from-within texture that makes it a great base and starting point for evening but is also perfectly suitable for neutral colors and low-key days.

I apply the Nude as an allover wash, then add the darker shades as desired. Edward uses his own eye shadow brush for the entire process- shading, contouring and blending. I prefer a wide brush like Bobbi Brown's Eye Sweep for Nude before I switch to the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush to finish the look. No matter what else I use in terms of colors and tools, the eye shadow blends wonderfully and never fails to deliver and stay in place all day/night (over a primer).

Bottom Line: An essential.

Edward Bess Luminous Eye Shadows ($30) are available from Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus online and in select locations and edwardbess.com.

All photos are mine.


  1. We women of a certain age are always looking for something that will bring light to the inner corner of the eye and brighten the lid and brow bone. Anything too matte makes our lids look dry and crepey. Enter Edward Bess! Nude has a soft satin glow which subtly diffuses light and makes the lid look smooth and the eye area bright. Even though my skin tone is much lighter than yours, Gaia, I find Bobbi Brown's base shades look chalky on me. That's not the case with EB's Nude. I'm on my second one :-)

  2. Who thought a nude matte (or almost matte) would be so gasp-worthy? That looks like light on your skin, not makeup.

  3. Love this one Gaia! I am so glad I got it during our BG escapade!

  4. Where is it?!
    Now I agree that BB looks chalky (all of them) and I have been ever since looking for somtehing to brighten up and serve as a base as well. I am happy with GA in the 4colours pan called something with sand?! but this si mepty now. Unfortunately, EB is not available in germany. Any other suggestion?


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