Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giorgio Armani Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencil Spring 2011

The last time Armani had these Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencil I blinked and missed them, because for an unknown reason they're a limited edition item and they were sold out before you could say "Giorgio". I was adamant about not repeating this mistake again, so now that these little pencil miracles are part of Armani Spring 2011 collection, I made sure to get one in each color- black, dark brown and green leaf.

The thing about Giorgio armani's Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencils is the incredible gel-like texture and finish. They glide on your eyelid with ease and a fluid-like consistency, they set within a second and stay put with no smudging all day long. The pigment is clear and intense like a gel and can line the eye by itself or as a base for powder products.

The Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencil can be used on the waterline, but I personally avoid it, since my eyes are tear-prone and eventually even this waterproof formula surrenders and the color bleeds and gives me raccoon eyes. But as long as I keep the liner on the lash line and my upper lid, these Giorgio Armani eye pencils have become true favorites.

Bottom Line: Get them while you can.

Giorgio Armani Long Wear Waterproof Eye Pencils for Spring 2011($27 each) are available from Saks, Barneys and

All photos are mine.

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