Friday, June 10, 2011

Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush

The Touch Up brush from Bobbi Brown is a serious multitasker. This brush earns its keep in a big way, doing just about anything I require from it. Basically, this is a fluffy blending brush made of natural hair. It's good for both cream and powder products- eye shadow, concealer, foundation and even contour/highlighter if you're up to it, though it's on the small side, so it's more for around the nose than the hollows of your cheeks.

Despite the different shape and size, the most comparable brush to Bobbi Brown's Touch Up is the classic MAC 217. I use them for the same purpose: blending cream products and doing clean-ups and touch ups all over the face. The Bobbi Brown is more densely packed and softer than MAC 217, and holds its shape significantly better (seriously, it seems that the quality of MAC 217 brushes has gone downhill in the last 5 years. My oldest one looks and feels nicer than the one I bought last year). I use it less for powder shadows, simply because I have other brushes I prefer, but it does the work. The touch ups also include setting small areas with translucent powder, evening out if I'm using more than one concealer (it happens).

Bottom Line: a not-so-old reliable.

Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush ($28) is available at the counters and

All photos are mine.


  1. I have this, and a number of other BB brushes, and I love them all.

  2. I really love my BB brushes. I have some from the early 90s that say Bobbi Brown Essentials on them. This one looks a lot like the MAC 239, which I find to be a real workhorse. Next BB order I place I'll add the touchup brush.

  3. I'll have to try one. I'm overdue for new ones.

  4. Jamilla, I certainly love many of Bobbi's brushes. Right now contemplating my need for a pointy blush brush.

  5. ZP, my oldest BB brush is from the early 00s or late 99, can't remember for sure. They're very well made and always perform.

  6. O40PQ, shopping for new brushes is a lot of fun. There are many excellent options nowadays.


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