Monday, June 13, 2011

Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush

There's a lot of buzz lately about Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush and rightly so. For those of us who prefer buffing foundation instead of painting it on, a thick full head brush is the right tool, and there's no other foundation brush that's as thick, full, semi-dense and big. This, of course, is Louise Young LY34 biggest weakness just as much as strength. It can be a bit too much for some people (it's bigger and rounder than Sephora Platinum #55) or when you're going for a more localized and precise application. For me, though, the issue is the round full head isn't suitable for narrow areas such as around the nose and chin. Whenever I use my LY34 I also reach for Le Metier de Beaute Angled Foundation Brush to complete the job.

Don't get me wrong: Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush is an excellent tool. It's wonderfully soft, efficient and provides an excellent finish and great coverage. It's just not the end all and be all of foundation brushes. I use it often, happily and successfully, especially since I prefer liquid face products with a light texture. The LY34 Super Foundation is the ideal brush for tinted moisturizers and sheer foundations (LMdB Peau Vierge, Chanel Vitalumiere, Burberry Sheer Fluid, Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, Ellis Faas). It's well made, sturdy and very easy to use. It also doesn't hurt that this brush looks so impressive- even a foundation novice would feel like a pro when holding it, and that's half the battle.

Bottom Line: This brush might not solve all the world's problem but it's still among the best makeup tools one can have.

Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush (£24.00) is available from They shipworldwide.

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  1. I have been considering this brush for a long time, but the size has intimidated me for the very reason you have mentioned. I use either tinted moisturizers or sheer foundations so a dense domed brush would work well but I'm not convinced it's the best choice. Have you ever used the HourGlass No. 2 brush?

  2. Suselew, I haven't tried the N0.2, only the retractable one I reviewed a few weeks ago.


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