Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Roundup- Father's Day Weekend

Those of us in North America have missed a spectacular lunar eclipse this week. The moon turned red in a total eclipse (why am I humming that Bonnie Tyler song? should I be embarrassed that I still remember the lyrics? ) that lasted 100 minutes. The photos online look amazing (search for the ones taken in Jerusalem if you haven't seen them yet) and definitely eclipse (pun totally intended) the other photos that made the news this week. But let's forget about that former congressman and his junk. Instead, let's look at some pretties:

The Beauty Look Book took a short vacation break to show us Dior's limited-edition Les Rouge.
Best Things in Beauty shares my love of Le Métier de Beauté's new Écumes D’or Kaleidoscope Lip Kit.
Product Girl fell for Josie Maran's Argan Eye Love You Too Palette. I'm testing it as we speak. Still undecided.
On the budgety side,  Gouldylox Reviews shows us the new Covergirl LipPerfection Lip Color.
Fab over Forty has a giveaway contest for Lancôme's Hypnotic Eyes Summer Glow Sultry Eye Look Set.
KarlaSugar shared a tip for applying concealer the "right way." It's a must-read.
DivaDebbi talks eyebrows. I can think of some people from my past who could use the info.
Ever wonder how to do a French braid? BeautyXposé posted a video to show you how easy it can be. Now I just need someone to come over and actually do it for me.
Daly Beauty thinks the pale pink beauty of Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish is just peachy.

More good stuff:
Modesty Brown reviewed several Dr. Bronner products. Also, check out her perfume chat.
This one is from the previous week, but it's worth going back to see the gorgeous Chantecaille bronzer on Orange 2LA.
Mona di Orio fans would want to read this review of her new Vanille & Oud on La Gardenia Nell'Occhiello.
And here's a giveaway you don't want to miss: for the first anniversary of her blog, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is celebrating by offering a bespoke perfume for one lucky winner.

What is this vacation thing so many are speaking about? If you're taking one, have a wonderful time. We're still going to be here when you're back (and scold you about sunscreen).


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