Friday, June 03, 2011

Weekly Beauty Roundup June 3rd

There's something about the month of June that feels glorious. I'm not yet over this whole summer thing, my roses are in full bloom, there are cute dresses to wear and sexy sandals to enjoy. What can go wrong? The A/C, that's what. The technician didn't make it here today, making me dread tomorrow's 80 degree weather. But for now, I'm basking in summer breeze, good perfume and good beauty reads:

Don't forget your sunscreen. Fab over Forty lost her new AVEENO Hydrosport SPF 50 sunblock to her son.

  • More sun protection: BeautyXposé showed us how to shimmer in the sun with Hawaiian Tropic's new sunscreen. A classic. I can smell it as I type.
  • Best Things in Beauty embarked on the  Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup journey. It's a slippery slope.
  • Café Makeup was hopping down the same bunny trail. Sea of Tranquility will make you glow. Indeed.
  • The Beauty Look Book discovered a refreshing and moisturizing treat for your skin: Koh Gen Do's Macro Vintage Essence Mask. Need. Want. Order.
  • Check out Gouldylox Reviews for a unique foundation (and founder) you should know.
  • DivaDebbi found that John Frieda's Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight styling spray made her hair humidity-proof. Herein the Northeast this is a real achievement. 
  • Product Girl is onto one of the best secrets of the universe: Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Washing Liquids. It doesn't get any better than this.
  • Daly Beauty has some beautiful thoughts for June.

Stay cool, beautiful and happy!

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  1. Loving that outfit on the model, fabulous!

    Reminds me I need to get some sunscreen shame on me.

  2. Sun? A/C? Well, here in California we are having rain, rain, and more rain! No sign of spring or summer yet!

  3. Love the photo. My sympathies on the A/C. In Boston, after weeks of rain (which makes for crappy blog photos, by the way) we just finished a bizarre heat wave where I had to run the A/C in May, and now we've dipped back down to high 60s (and 40s at night). I have lots in bloom, too. :)

  4. I love that photo, so chic and Tffany blue is my favorite color also. Have a happy weekend and hopefully you can find some relief from the heat.

  5. I've heard good things about Dan Read foundation, I'm a hard to match color, I'll have to give this one a try.
    I love the model's outfit, esp. the scarf, so cute!

  6. HNfB, go get some sunscreen asap! ;)

  7. Hopflower, we're having the wirdest weather lately. It was downright cold until a couple of weeks ago, then we had a 90-something degree heatwave. Now we're back in the 70s and a thunderstorm is expected tonight.

  8. ZP., I'm happy to report the A/C is fixed. Of course, temps now are in the lower 70s with some serious breeze, so I actually need to go and grab a sweater.

  9. HDtM, I really fell in love with this photo. The colors really make me happy.

  10. Elizabeth, I also loved the scarf. I collect vintage scarves and wear them a lot.

  11. Ha! Yes, we are supposed to have snow in the Sierra, and thunderstorms here, too. I don't doubt it: it is raining on one side of the street and sunny on the other. I looked for a rainbow, but I must be directly underneath it.

  12. Really feel for you on the A/C. I live in Phoenix and my A/C went out 2 summers ago. It was 113. We had to pack up cats and move to a hotel for 4 days. Can't even begin to tell you how fun that was.

  13. love the photo. though it looks as though that would be hard to sit in comfortably.

    80 degrees? ha. try 102 degrees and disgusting haze. after it rained a few minutes yesterday, it dropped to 89, and that felt COOL! that is how crazy it is in houston. be happy for your 80 degrees.

    cheers and sweat,

  14. Hopflower, I'm still waiting to see the first rainbow of the season. No chance of that in today's 95 degrees, though!

  15. Deb, I can't even imagine! (the weather, not the part about the cats). Twelve years ago we spent two nights in a hotel with 5 cats. That was... interesting.

  16. Minette, sending you cool vibes and tons of ice cream ;) .


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