Tuesday, June 21, 2011

YSL Creme de Blush Powdery Rose 02

YSL Creme de Blush is pretty. Very pretty. From the elegant packaging (I live the clear pan) to the soft texture and classic color I chose, #02, Powdery Rose, you just want to pun on a beautiful dress, a summer hat and go frolic with butterflies or something.

I apply my YSL Creme de Blush with the smallest of Hakuhodo Yachio brushes, sometimes blending further with a Mizubake. The result is a very natural and healthy pink cheek. There's nothing earth shuttering about the Powdery Rose shade, it's not a statement blush or anything super trendy (if you're after that go with 04 Bright Coral, the summer 2011 release). It's just a good color that would flatter a wide range of skin tones.

The texture of Creme de Blush is very soft, very creamy with no waxiness. There's no shine or shimmer, which contributes to the natural finish you get from this Yves Saint Laurent blush. However, Creme de Blush is not a blush-and-go product. If you don't take your time to apply a solid base (primer, tinted moisturizer/foundation) , the blush will most likely fade away after 4-6 hours, at least with my sheer application. I do the groundwork and also set it with a finishing powder (the blush isn't particularly dewy/glowy, so you don't lose anything by powdering up), thus securing my makeup for a full day of wearing.

Bottom Line: as pretty as it gets.

YSL Creme de Blush ($38) is available at the counters and yslbeautyus.com.

All photos are mine.


  1. It looks so prety! I've been meaning to check the YSL cream blushes out for a while now, but it keeps slipping my mind! Thanks for the swatches =)

  2. Gaia-I also have the smallest Hakuhodo Yachiyo brush & I've been reluctant to use it w/ cream/gel products, instead reserving it for use w/ powders only. In fact when I first got it I called Hakuhodo's customer service dept & a rep told me NOT to use it w/ creams/gels. How do you find your Yachiyo brush holding up after using it w/ cream blush?

  3. Bethany, thanks for commenting. I hope you'll enjoy these blushes. They're fab.

  4. Simone, I had similar feelings and have avoided dipping my Yachios into cream products for the longest time. Then I got the Mizubake which apparently was made for creams and realized there's no reason for that. I wash them with Shu cleansing oil (yes, for face) and have had no issues. They're as good as new.


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