Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burberry No. 11 Eye Shaper Brush

Burberry is finally launching the much-anticipated brush collection. Three eye brushes were released last month and I've been using them as much as possible to see how they perform.

I love angled contour brushes and use them for various tasks, depending on their size and density. A good angled brush can do  precise work and contouring but also an all-over color  using windshield wiper strokes. You can use the angle, the edges or the sides for various effects, as long as the brush is not too large for your eye shape.

Burberry No. 11 Eye Shaper Brush is on the larger side, almost as big as NARS #16, but it's better shaped- the angle is more comfortable and creates a slightly narrower surface so it contours more precisely. The goat hair is soft (not Hakuhodo sable-soft, but still really nice) but firm enough to pick enough product and spread it evenly. Burberry No. 11 Eye Shaper Brush is very nice, but I do prefer the ones from By Terry and Paula Dorf. By Terry Eye Sculpting brush is packed more tightly and requires less product for good results. It's also better at creating depth. Paula Dorf Contour Brush is significantly smaller and more precise. It's a true contour brush and I've come to realize that the only reason I don't worship it is the overall length. I can't help it: I prefer longer and heavier brushes.

Bottom Line: nice, well-made but not best in show.

Burberry No. 11 Eye Shaper Brush ($38) is exclusive to Nordstrom, online and in store.

All photos are mine.


  1. A really interesting review. I really want to get an angled brush like this for contouring so it's interesting to see which ones you favour. It sounds like eye shape plays a major part too.

  2. I just had the same thought as Modesty Brown. Those blessed w/ a lot of upper lid, brow bone space would probably prefer a big brush like Burberry's. However, for someone w/ less lid & brow bone space (or for someone wanting to do more detailed work) they'd be better off w/ the Paula Dorf brush. Gaia, thanks for making my purchasing decision easier.

  3. Ooo... did you get some RMK brushes? Which ones?

  4. Jane, I think almost everyone can use an angled contour brush (or two or three). The Paula Dorf is an essential. I'd also check both Trish and Laura Mercier. I don't own them (I have three By Terry on top of the ones you see here), but quite tempted.

  5. My pleasure, Simone :). Enjoy brush shopping!

  6. Dain, only the one you see here and the eyebrow brush. They're nearly impossible to find here (note to self: check if they're available in Paris).


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