Friday, June 17, 2011

Sue Devitt Blush Brush

I have an odd fondness for blush brushes, probably since they were the first makeup tool I've bought somewhere in my late teens. It's many years and goat hair later and I have amassed quite a collection: brushes for cream and liquid blushes, brushes for very bright and super-pigmented blushes, brushes for use in small and narrow pans, brushes that place, contour or blend... You get the picture.

One of the biggest advantages of this Sue Devitt Blush Brush is its versatility. The brush is paddle shaped, of average width and density and a slightly longer than most head. I find that it works well with most blushes I use because I apply the blush with the narrow side, then turn the brush and blend with its wide side. It works every time.

Sue Devitt's blush brush is wonderfully soft. It equals in quality to the other brushes you see here- Trish McEvoy Sheer Blush 2B and Shu Uemura Natural Brush #20 and is much (MUCH!) softer than Chanel #7 (though I have no complaints about Chanel's performance. It's just not as soft as the others). It's all natural pony hair, well-crafted and has weathered quite  bit brush abuse. Interesting to note how Sue Devitt Blush Brush is actually bigger than her powder brush. That's because the powder brush is among the smallest ones in its category.

Bottom Line: a favorite.

Sue Devitt Blush Brush ($50) is available from Barneys, and Dermstore.

All photos are mine.


  1. That looks like a great shape brush. I have a fondness for blusher brushes (I think you may have already guessed that) so that comparison line up was very enjoyable. I look forward to paying another visit to Harvey Nichols to explore the Sue Devitt line more, I've liked everything I've tried so far.

  2. Jane, I have yet to find a dud in this line. The brushes, eye shadows and eye pencils are my favorite

  3. I've been very interested in learning more about Sue Devitt's brushes (love her eye intensifier pencils!) ... but especially since viewing it in virtually every video Lisa Eldridge does, I'm extremely tempted by the powder brush! Have you reviewed this one yet? (If not, I'll be looking forward to that review!) I am very intrigued by the potential advantages of using a smaller powder brush (especially for setting selected areas of makeup like the t-zone instead of the whole face, and getting into smaller areas like under the eyes or the sides of the nose).

  4. Proximity, I plan to review the brush soon. It really is a great one.


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